PerspecSys Extends its Award-Winning Cloud Data Control Gateway with Discovery, Analytics & Broad Cloud Coverage Capabilities

New “AppProtex” line of solutions will deliver strongest levels of security with even greater enterprise control

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SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, PerspecSys Inc., the leader in cloud data control solutions for the enterprise, announced several important new additions to its Cloud Data Control Gateway, including Discover and Analyze capabilities (which extend its existing data Protection functionality) and new applications to easily broaden the Gateway’s reach to virtually any public cloud environment. Part of a new line of PerspecSys “AppProtex” solutions, these capabilities are designed to help customers better balance cloud accessibility with the data control required to meet growing compliance and security needs. In short, they help organizations realize the control of private cloud solutions with the features, functionality and lower costs of the public cloud.

“Public cloud applications must be used with the appropriate governance to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy requirements. Monitoring and controlling how critical data is moving to the cloud and taking necessary steps to protect information assets is essential to achieve security and regulatory compliance,” said Peter Gapp, Vice President of IT, Applications and Data Governance, Siemens AG. “With PerspecSys, Siemens can control data used in SaaS applications and enforce data residency without limiting the functionality and usability of the cloud for our business.”

The PerspecSys AppProtex capabilities combine the highest levels of security and preservation of SaaS application functionality with the flexibility of an open, extendable platform – delivering a “no compromises” option to organizations around the world. These new solutions include:

  • AppProtex Discovery & Analyze – part of the AppProtex Gateway Solution, the Discovery & Analyze capabilities enable businesses to gain visibility into all the information their users are sharing with cloud applications (Salesforce, Oracle, ServiceNow, etc.) and then analyze that data to make proactive decisions regarding compliance, data protection, data privacy and other key policies.
  • AppProtex PolicyPro – this application allows enterprises, cloud providers and consultancies to quickly and easily build AppProtex Adapters to connect their cloud applications to the PerspecSys AppProtex Gateway Server. With PolicyPro, companies can consolidate cloud data control by ensuring data privacy and residency needs are met for all cloud applications (public & private) consistently, in one platform.
  • AppProtex Crypto Connectors – with AppProtex Crypto Connectors, enterprises – for the first time — can use their preferred encryption modules within a cloud data control gateway without limiting cloud application functionality. Other solutions require the use of home-grown encryption techniques with dubious security proofs when end-users need to maintain cloud usability. PerspecSys uniquely gives enterprises and government agencies the ability to use validated, standards-based modules (including those with NIST FIPS 140-2 validation) within the PerspecSys Gateway – all that’s required is a Crypto Connector for the module.

At this week’s Dreamforce event in booth N2205, PerspecSys will be highlighting these new capabilities, as well as the work they are doing with key partners, to address the issues that challenge Salesforce customers when it comes to the cloud – the most dominant of which is data control (especially given the growing concerns over surveillance and other hot button privacy topics).

"The problems associated with data security, compliance and residency are key barriers to full cloud adoption for many businesses,” said David Canellos, CEO of PerspecSys. “In fact, our partners at Bluewolf, in their annual State of Salesforce report, discovered that concerns around data compliance, security and trust are among the top challenges keeping executives awake at night. The good news is we built our business on creating solutions to these problems. Our AppProtex Gateway enables CIOs, CISOs and IT execs to sleep easier at night knowing they are getting the most from their cloud investment while their data is secure and under their complete control – at all times.”

Earlier this year, PerspecSys introduced new key management and cryptography capabilities for its Gateway solution along with a Certified Partner Program – also aimed at extending the company’s leadership by creating broad interoperability within the existing enterprise security ecosystem. PerspecSys’ open approach allows enterprises and partners to gain the most from their existing technology investments, leveraging and extending the use of well-respected security techniques from established security vendors within the AppProtex platform – a unique PerspecSys capability.

Brian Lowans, Principal Research Analyst, Secure Business Enablement group, Gartner notes, “Enterprises should always check the claims of vendors that their solutions are based on proven security models. The highest level of security is currently provided by solutions that are on-premise, with keys not available anywhere in the cloud where the algorithms comply with internationally accepted standards." [1]

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(1) Simplify Operations and Compliance in the Cloud by Encrypting Sensitive Data, 2013; Analyst(s): Brian Lowens, Published 15 August 2013, Research Report G00255099

About the PerspecSys Gateway

PerspecSys’ Gateway supports organizations and enterprises in sectors like Financial Services, Manufacturing and Healthcare, which need to comply with regulations specifying that strong, well-vetted encryption and tokenization techniques be used to secure sensitive information. The AppProtex Gateway was architected to give those enterprises the ability to fully control their public cloud use – Discover how data is being shared with cloud environments, Analyze what it means to their corporate risk exposure, and take steps to Protect their most sensitive data. By letting them take full advantage of cloud SaaS applications such as and ServiceNow while ensuring their sensitive data remains on-premise, under their control and in compliance with data protection regulations at all times, PerspecSys eliminates the barriers that previously prevented cloud adoption. PerspecSys was the first and remains the only company to combine all these elements effectively for its customers – ensuring that their use of the public cloud remains private.

About PerspecSys

PerspecSys Inc. is a leading provider of cloud data control solutions that enable mission-critical cloud applications to be adopted throughout the enterprise. PerspecSys gives organizations the ability to understand how employees are using cloud applications and then take the steps necessary to protect sensitive information before it leaves the enterprise’s network. By removing the technical, legal and financial risks of placing sensitive data in the cloud, PerspecSys make the public cloud private. Based in Toronto, PerspecSys Inc. is a privately held company backed by investors that include Intel Capital, Paladin Capital and Ascent Venture Partners. For more information please visit or follow us on Twitter @perspecsys.


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– Today, PerspecSys Inc., the leader in cloud data control solutions for the enterprise, announced several important new additions to its Cloud Data Control Gateway.


Racepoint Group
Mike Nourie, +1 617-624-3222