New Smartphone Research From InsightExpress Reveals Marketplace Advances for Both Samsung and Apple

Findings from Latest Digital Consumer Portrait Study Foretell Continued Competition Among Mobile Power Players

Smartphone ownership Q1 - Q3 2013. Source: InsightExpress.

STAMFORD, Conn.--()--InsightExpress, an independent leading provider of media analytics and marketing accountability solutions for brand marketers, today announced research findings that show positive advances for both Samsung and Apple. These findings from InsightExpress' latest Digital Consumer Portrait quarterly study could set the stage for an even more competitive 2014 for these two mobile giants.

Share Increases in 2013

The InsightExpress data indicates that Samsung became the fastest growing brand through the third quarter, although it is not yet on par with Apple's 39% ownership which has also seen steady growth. According to InsightExpress, Apple and Samsung are the only two brands to see consistent increases this year.

Different Brands, Different Behaviors

While Samsung is gaining share, InsightExpress reports high levels of engagement among iPhone owners. In comparison to consumers who own Samsung smartphones, iPhone users are more likely to participate in socially driven activities on their device at least once per day such as:

  • Using social networking sites (83% Apple, 74% Samsung)
  • Managing calendars (63% Apple, 52% Samsung)
  • Taking or sharing pictures (54% Apple, 38% Samsung)

iPhone users may also be more prone to shopping on their device, with a significantly greater proportion likely to scan a bar code (36% Apple, 22% Samsung) or purchase products/services (35% Apple, 20% Samsung) at least once per day.

However, despite the dominance of Apple's iTunes, Samsung owners are just as likely to have downloaded music to their device.

Positive Reviews for iOS7, But Dissatisfied Minority Looks to Samsung

How does Apple's new iOS7 operating system factor into this competitive equation? InsightExpress found that roughly 7 in 10 iPhone owners have downloaded iOS7 to their iPhone. Males are more likely to be satisfied, giving iOS7 an 8 out of 10 for performance, and women rating it approximately a 7 out of 10.

How has the iOS7 operating system affected brand perceptions of Apple?

  • Based on their experiences with iOS7, 8 in 10 iPhone owners are likely to purchase another iPhone. However, the roughly 2 in 10 iPhone owners who are unsure or unlikely to purchase another iPhone are most likely to shift to Samsung for their next smartphone purchase.
  • Males are significantly more likely to have a more positive perception of the Apple brand, while women are more neutral.
  • Overall, roughly two thirds of total iPhone users have a more positive opinion of Apple after the introduction of the iOS7 operating system.

"At InsightExpress we are curious not only about general consumer usage and behavior across mobile platforms, but also about how the consumer's experience affects specific brand perceptions and purchase decisions," said Marc Ryan, InsightExpress Co-CEO. "This is a fascinating time for anyone following the smartphone market. We have a very strong incumbent brand facing real competition from a challenger, which is a situation that often leads to significant innovation across the industry and a win for the consumer."

About the Digital Consumer Portrait

InsightExpress has been committed to providing industry leading data and education on the mobile environment to our clients and partners since 2007 through the Digital Consumer Portrait study. This quarterly research program explores consumer behaviors, engagement, perceptions and trends across mobile devices including smartphones, feature phones (regular mobile phones) and tablet devices. Each quarter 1,300 respondents age 18+ participate in the DCP online survey. The Q3 2013 survey reached 1302 respondents between September 27 and October 6, 2013.

About InsightExpress

InsightExpress is a leading provider of media analytics and marketing accountability solutions for brand marketers. The company's proprietary solutions provide a holistic approach to advertising measurement that quantifies the return on marketing investment for online, mobile, tablet and cross-media campaigns. With vast industry expertise, inventive methodologies and an exclusive data analytics platform, InsightExpress helps agencies, media and marketers to measure and optimize their marketing initiatives across digital and non-digital media. InsightExpress is headquartered in Stamford, CT, with offices in San Francisco and New York. For more information, please visit us at or; you may also call 203.359.4174.


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Release Summary

InsightExpress' latest Digital Consumer Portrait research study shows positive advances for both Samsung and Apple brands, setting the stage for an even more competitive 2014.


Jenny Donohue, 203-406-3233