EveryThink Launches iPad Application – EveryThink HD

Bringing popular iPhone Productivity Solution to Tablet Marketplace

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Today, EveryThinkTM debuts its popular productivity solution to the iPad (EveryThink HD) and an upgraded version for the iPhone, both designed for use on iOS7. The EveryThink App (version 2.2.4) is a personal information management tool that has integrated disparate parts of digital applications into a centralized productivity suite, including calendaring, to-dos, and all types of data. Its unique new filing cabinet option also enables users to organize content on iPhone and iPads in accessible file folders.

All information can be moved from one part of the application to another with just a swipe of a finger, via EveryThink’s patent-pending Drag-hover-Drop (DhD) technology. For example, by dragging a contact into a calendar slot, a meeting entry is automatically generated with that contact – and adding documents, links or photos to the meeting time takes mere seconds. DhD capabilities have been extended to support all features of the new version of EveryThink and EveryThink HD.

“I’m constantly on the move, meeting with people, working on articles for a newsletter or reports for the diocese,” said Rev. Ralph Zwrin of St. Anne’s Parish in Hazel Crest, IL. “EveryThink has made it simple for me to integrate so much relevant information on my phone. I love how easy it is to update a meeting with notes or add RSVPs for an event as they happen – I simple touch and drag the info with my finger, hover over the meeting, drop it in and it’s done. This is an elegant way to streamline information and I highly recommend it to anyone with a busy schedule.”

The EveryThink technology infrastructure is continuously being enhanced to include support for a number of third party data repositories. Currently, the EveryThink App can pull information from:

  • Evernote – New to EveryThink version 2.2.4 as an additional data repository that people can access directly through the EveryThink App.
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • iPhone/iPad calendar, reminders, contacts, photos and videos
  • Facebook

Other product features in the EveryThink iOS7 upgrade include:

  • Filing Cabinet: On today’s Apple products there is no easy way to store user content in a file folder. Utilizing EveryThink’s broad access to all types of data, coupled with its strong organizing tools, users can now generate “file folders” to post and store data. Different types of information (e.g. - slide decks, documents, webpages, photos or contacts) are stored in user-defined folders. When scheduling a relevant meeting, the folder is moved via DhD into the meeting entry on the calendar and then all the data is fully accessible for the user at the point-of-use.
  • EveryThink-to-EveryThink Synchronization: Previous versions supported the sync of standard Calendar and task info. The current capabilities were enhanced to enable the syncing all types of data between multiple copies of the EveryThink App, sharing the same iCloud account. For example, a work and home version of the application can now easily be integrated to connect the capabilities across iPad and iPhone versions.

“I’ve always been a big fan of paper,” said Kendra McDonald, Designer with Premier Designs Jewelry. “But with my little one and constantly being on the go, a paper planner was bulky and getting in the way. I spent hours searching online for an app that was easy to use, visually appealing and simple to update. EveryThink is the only app that even came close to what I needed and it far surpassed my expectations.”

“I plan jewelry parties and support others that run events, so having the ability to easily connect details about people, notes and events is critical to my work,” McDonald continued. “The best part about it is that I’m able to do this with a device I already have, at a fraction I would spend on a nice annual planner. I tell everyone about EveryThink– it’s a great tool and the support staff was amazing when I had questions.”

The EveryThink HD (iPad) is available for $6.99 and the EveryThink iPhone App is available for $4.99. Both can be downloaded today at the Apple iTunes Store.

About EveryThink
The EveryThink App has tackled ways to transform the productivity infrastructure in the mobile environment. Taking the best of knowledge management theory of the 21st century and integrated it into innovative, easy-to-use, personal information management solutions for the mobile world. EveryThink’s patent-pending Drag-hover-Drop (DhD) capability is only one way that EveryThink is pushing beyond the current offerings in the productivity space. Founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur Yair Grinberg, the company is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Additional information is available at http://www.everythink.us or on twitter at @EveryThinkUS.

EveryThink and DhD are registered trademarks of EveryThink, Ltd.

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Rainier Communications for EveryThink
Laura Ackerman, 508-475-0025 x115

Release Summary

EveryThink brings its unique productivity solution to the iPad (EveryThink HD) and upgrades the iPhone version for iOS7 compatibility with version 2.2.4.


Rainier Communications for EveryThink
Laura Ackerman, 508-475-0025 x115