Schoology Releases Resource Apps, Makes Third-Party Content More Effective for Students and Instructors

Integration Centralizes Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Khan Academy, SkyDrive Pro and More into LMS


LOS ANGELES--()--Higher education leaders attending the EDUCAUSE 2013 conference this week will get a first look at the newest innovation from Schoology: Resource Apps. Schoology released its App Center last summer, which enables third-party applications, such as Blackboard® Collaborate and Turnitin, to plug seamlessly into the platform. Resource Apps are a natural extension of the Schoology App Center. Now, rich content from third-party vendors like Google Drive™, Dropbox, Evernote®, Khan Academy®, and SkyDrive® Pro are universally available and readily integrated from within a single Schoology repository.

“Our new Resource Apps combine all the benefits of content integration, such as time savings and scalability, with a completely uninterrupted learning experience,” said Jeremy Friedman, Schoology CEO. “We recognize that the traditional app model doesn’t allow students and instructors flexibility when using third-party content. It should be a seamless component of the LMS with the ability to be natively embedded and attached to other content in the platform. Our Resource Apps make this possible and, in turn, allow students and instructors to use all of their resources in a cohesive, personalized workflow.”

Schoology’s Resource Apps mark a new frontier of interoperability between education technologies and external content. Until now, instructors and students could only embed links to outside resources, resulting in a disconnected user experience. Resource Apps now make the content into an interactive item that can be viewed, moved, and attached to other items within Schoology for genuinely integrated learning.

In higher education, Learning Management Systems (LMS) are often the primary tool for students and educators to communicate with each other while managing their notes, assignments, and collaborative projects. Now with the addition of Resource Apps, Schoology is the first LMS to seamlessly incorporate external content into the academic environment. Schoology is compatible with a broad range of third-party content vendors, resulting in richer, more personalized learning.

More than three million users at over 40,000 universities, colleges, and K-12 schools use Schoology’s collaborative interface to boost student engagement and streamline curriculum management. Schoology brings instructors and students from around the world together in conversation, collaborative learning, and resource sharing, adding another dimension to the platform.

Schoology will exhibit in booth 107 at EDUCAUSE 2013 in Anaheim, Calif. from October 16-17.

About Schoology

New York City-based Schoology—used by more than three million users in over 40,000 K-12 schools and universities around the world—combines dynamic learning management, an easy-to-use collaborative interface and next-generation API integration into one innovative solution. Schoology transforms learning into a media-rich interactive experience where students, teachers, parents and administrators work together to raise student achievement worldwide. Available as a free stand-alone product and as a fee-based integrated enterprise-class solution deployed in schools or across districts, Schoology is a user-centric and scalable solution for any blended learning environment. Learn more at or @schoology.

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Release Summary

Schoology Resource Apps now available. Teachers and students can integrate content from third-party vendors like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.


Jennifer Harrison Public Relations
Jennifer Harrison, 916-716-0636