Issue of Debt



Auction Details
Auction Date   Thursday, 17 October 2013
Issue and Settlement Date Friday, 18 October 2013
Bidding Convention Fully paid Bid Price (see Note 1)
Accrued Interest payable with bid £0.298913 per £100 nominal
Auction Close 10:30am London Time
Details of Security
Title   1¼% Treasury Gilt 2018
Amount (nominal) for auction £4,750 million (fungible with previous issues) (see Note 4)
Nominal outstanding after auction £33,539.5 million
Maturity Date 22 July 2018 at par
Interest Dates 22 January – 22 July
Parent ISIN Code GB00B8KP6M44
Parent SEDOL Code B-8KP-6M4
Strippable No (see Note 2)
Interest Payable Gross (see Note 3)
Next Interest Date 22 January 2014 (Standard Coupon)
“When Issued” Trading   under London Stock Exchange Rule 1530
Commences 3:30pm London Time: 8 October 2013
Closes Close of business: 17 October 2013
“When issued” ISIN Code GB00BDV0DX38
“When issued” SEDOL Code B-DV0-DX3
TIDM (for trade reporting) AUC

Note 1: Bids may be made on either a competitive or a non-competitive basis. Details of the bidding procedures are set out in the prospectus and in the Information Memorandum. Gilt-edged Market Makers may bid by means of the Bloomberg Bond Auction System to the DMO not later than 10.30 am on Thursday, 17 October 2013.

Note 2. The Gilt may not be stripped and reconstituted until so specified in a notice issued by the DMO.

Note 3: Holders may elect to have United Kingdom income tax deducted from interest payments, should they so wish, on application to the Registrar, Computershare Investor Services PLC.

Note 4: Subject to the provisions of the Information Memorandum, this auction will be eligible for the Post Auction Option Facility of an additional amount of the Gilt equivalent to 10% of the nominal amount of the Gilt allocated at the auction. Details of the Post Auction Option Facility procedures are set out in the Information Memorandum.


DMO : 8 October 2013

Information Memorandum relating to the Issue, Stripping and Reconstitution of British Government Stock

DMO : August 2013

Formulae for Calculating Gilt Prices from Yields

DMO : 16 March 2005

Applications from Members of the Approved Group of Investors

Application forms from Approved Group members must be sent to Computershare Investor Services PLC, who are acting on behalf of the DMO, at the following address: PO Box 2411, The Pavilions, Bristol, BS99 6WX to arrive not later than 10.00 am on Thursday, 17 October 2013. They may also be lodged by hand at the DMO, Eastcheap Court, 11 Philpot Lane, London, EC3M 8UD not later than 10.00 am on Thursday, 17 October 2013.

The amount payable on application in the case of a non-competitive bid made by a member of the Approved Group is £100.50 per £100 nominal of the Gilt.

Remit 2013-14

Gilt sales of £155.7 billion (cash) are planned in 2013-14

Short Name: UKDMO
Category Code: IOD
Sequence Number: 393213
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20131008T154633+0100


UK Debt Management Office


UK Debt Management Office