tenXer Announces Expanded Support for the Atlassian Product Portfolio

tenXer helps software engineering teams through metrics and insights from the data generated by the tools and sources they use to do work

Atlassian Summit 2013

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today at the Atlassian Summit 2013, tenXer, the technology company redefining how people work, announced expanded support for the Atlassian suite of products. tenXer will bring its groundbreaking approach to software engineering metrics and insights to Atlassian’s JIRA Agile, Stash and Bamboo products. Teams that rely on Atlassian to deliver best of breed software development solutions can now rely on tenXer to provide analytics and data driven improvement. JIRA Agile, Stash and Bamboo join JIRA and Bitbucket in tenXer’s rapidly growing family of supported services.

“Atlassian is on the forefront of rethinking how developers use software tools,” said tenXer CEO Jeff Ma. “They have always built for the engineer and we have followed that lead. With this common belief of helping engineers, it made great sense for us to expand our support for Atlassian’s customers.”

With JIRA Agile, Stash and Bamboo joining Bitbucket, which was launched earlier this month, and JIRA launched at last year’s Summit, tenXer now covers all phases of the software development lifecycle for Atlassian product users. From project management to source code hosting and execution to bug testing to continuous integration and deployment, tenXer provides metrics and insights for any stage of development. tenXer also supports both On Demand and On Premise offerings from Atlassian to meet the needs of the highly diversified Atlassian user base.

tenXer recently launched tenXer teams expanding its data and insights beyond the individual engineer to the team as a whole. tenXer Teams was created to help the individual engineer improve by not solely focusing on their metrics, but instead by also helping the team and the manager improve. By improving the team holistically, tenXer makes the individual engineer more productive. All of the features of tenXer Teams are available immediately for use with JIRA Agile, Stash and Bamboo.

“The key to getting value from data is timeliness, accessibility and simplicity,” said Ma. “In tenXer, data is always displayed real time. Our rich graphics and charts that make it easy for users to gain insight. Through our goal setting and leaderboards modules, tenXer gives teams the ability to take action on their data.”

Users connect their tenXer account to these services and immediately have access to a wealth of data about how they are working. Teams can then analyze a variety of different statistics from these services that are either not available or difficult to access within these services.

Current users are tracking JIRA metrics like Number of Tickets closed and Rework (percentage of re-opened tickets). They have found the tenXer platform invaluable for providing insights about how the team is working.

“tenXer has given us valuable insights into our development process. We have been able to identify and improve on issues that were slowing our team down. tenXer is definitely helping us be a better team,” said CEO of Branding Brand, Christoper Mason. Mason and Branding Brand have been using tenXer since last year’s JIRA launch.

tenXer will continue to bring its belief that the marriage of quantitative and qualitative data can drive a team to success. “Atlassian has been a great steward of change in software development and users of Atlassian products are on the cutting edge of thinking outside the box,” Ma said. “We think they are the perfect people to join us in our journey to change how things are done and change the paradigm on understanding how to use data to make work better.”

About tenXer

tenXer is the company revolutionizing the way people work by building a platform that allows any employee to analyze their daily work habits and receive timely, objective feedback. tenXer connects to services like JIRA, Bitbucket, Stash, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Jenkins and more.

tenXer has raised money from investors including Radar Partners, Khosla Ventures, True Ventures, Google Ventures, Webb Investment Network (Maynard Webb), Social and Capital Partnership (Chamath Palihapitiya) and Founders Fund Angel Brian Singerman. tenXer is privately-held and headquartered in San Francisco, California.

The board of directors consists of CEO/Founder Jeff Ma, Kevin Compton of Radar Partners, Puneet Agarwal of True Ventures and Co-Founder Niel Robertson, CEO and Founder of Trada. Robertson inspired Ma to start tenXer after seeing the positive impact that game mechanics and metrics were having on his business at Trada.

To learn more please visit: www.tenxer.com.


Lauren Helfrich, 949-400-7897

Release Summary

Expanded support for the Atlassian suite of products. tenXer will bring its groundbreaking approach to software engineering metrics and insights to Atlassian’s JIRA Agile, Stash and Bamboo products.


Lauren Helfrich, 949-400-7897