Doximity Creates First Online Passport for Physicians

Over 50 partner sites now using ‘Login with Doximity’ to verify physicians

Network now over 220,000 members or 30% of US physicians

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Doximity, the professional network for physicians, today announced more than 50 developer partners have built applications on the Doximity API, giving medical application and software developers the ability to seamlessly integrate their products with the only verified, HIPAA-secure professional network for physicians.

With Obamacare introducing 30 million new patients to healthcare, physicians will need to interface with an expanded and increasingly complex system. Doximity’s secure, single sign-on platform takes on a fragmented ecosystem of medical applications, reducing the administrative overhead taking up more and more bandwidth from an already overburdened provider population.

“Facebook Connect (or ‘Login with Facebook’) has made it easy to for consumers to log in to new apps, but obviously isn’t authenticated or appropriate for healthcare,” said Jeff Tangney, CEO of Doximity. “We’ve made it easy for both physicians and developers to avoid the hassle of multiple logins, identity authentication, credentialing, and updating a public-facing CV.”

In just two years, over 220,000 physicians have joined Doximity to connect with colleagues, collaborate on tough cases, check schedules, and securely coordinate patient care. With more than 30% of all U.S. doctors as members, the service is beginning to achieve the proportions and potential of a true healthcare platform.

"The Doximity API allows physicians to quickly sign up for our collaborative medical imaging service," said Michael Pan, CEO of Nephosity. "Additionally, the Doximity API enables us to securely verify their identity and populate their credentials."

For app developers, the Doximity OAuth API eliminates the need to develop a physician credentialing system, saving developers substantial time and money, and enabling them to scale up quickly and across multiple platforms simultaneously. Partners range from major players like US News & World Report and 4 of the top 5 medical schools to startups like DICOM Grid, DocSpot, Figure1, Image32, itMD, MedConcert, Nephosity, and SmartSignOut.

Quick notes about Doximity:

  • Doximity is the largest verified and up to date physician directory on the internet
  • The network’s 220,000 members represent over 30% of all U.S. physicians
  • A new physician joins Doximity every 5 minutes
  • Members have an average of 23 colleagues

For more information about the Doximity physician network, visit and for more information on Doximity’s API platform, visit

About Doximity

Launched in 2011, Doximity ( connects physicians to make them more successful and productive. With over 30% of U.S. physicians as members, collaborating across every specialty and academic medical center, Doximity is the largest HIPAA-secure medical network on the Internet. Created by the founders of Epocrates (Nasdaq: EPOC), Doximity is headquartered in Silicon Valley.


Hanni Itah, (847) 415-9324

Release Summary

Doximity announces 220,000 members and 50 developer partners building applications using Doximity API


Hanni Itah, (847) 415-9324