Calorease™: New “Super Fiber” Aids Weight Management

Natural dietary aid binds to the fat in foods to reduce up to 500 calories per day

Calorease- 180 Tablet Pack (Photo: Business Wire)

LAS VEGAS--()--It’s rare that the science of weight management achieves a major breakthrough, but the discovery of a unique, naturally sourced dietary fiber is creating genuine excitement. This fiber, patented as FBCx, is the active ingredient in Calorease, a revolutionary weight management aid that’s available for the first time today. The extraordinary “super fiber” in Calorease has been proven in scientific studies to neutralize fat’s impact on caloric intake, helping to manage weight.

Two professors at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan discovered that the fat-binding capacity of FBCx demonstrated startling results. Known to the scientific world as alpha-cyclodextrin, FBCx is derived from natural plant fiber. Scientific studies have shown that FBCx can bind with and remove up to 9 times its weight in dietary fat, shielding the fat from digestion and carrying it harmlessly through the digestive tract. Most dietary fibers are impractical as weight management aids, since typically these fibers bind to fat at only a 1:1 ratio, so that excessive amounts of ordinary fiber would have to be consumed to create meaningful results.

Removing the dietary fat means removing its associated calories as well. Regular use of Calorease tablets with FBCx can reduce up to 500 calories per day, or 15,000 calories per month. When taking Calorease, there is no program or special diet involved. Simply take two tablets three times a day with fat-containing meals or snacks. When used as directed, no negative side effects are reported.

“Calorease will transform the diet industry,” said Jeff McHarg, General Manager of SFI North America, a leading global provider of clinically proven natural medicines. “Calorease is a natural plant fiber offering all of the benefits of weight management without the messy side effects.”

Clinical trials have already verified the efficacy and value of Calorease with FBCx as a weight management aid, with continuing clinical trial investment in the USA, Australia and Europe. Stimulant-free and therefore heart healthy, Calorease with FBCx does not cause leakage or other messy side effects instigated by some other weight management products.

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Calorease, the Revolutionary New Weight Management Aid.


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