BioForward Announces Eight Innovative Wisconsin Companies as Winners in 2013 Bioscience Vision Summit’s Emerging Company Showcase

MADISON, Wis.--()--Eight Wisconsin bioscience companies have been selected as the winners of BioForward’s 2013 Emerging Company Showcase. The showcase is part of the 2013 Bioscience Vision Summit, being held on Wednesday, September 18th, at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wis. and hosted by BioForward, the member-driven state association that is the voice of Wisconsin’s bioscience industry. The Emerging Company Showcase is sponsored by the Center for Technology Commercialization-WI Entrepreneurs Network, Exact Sciences, MG&E and UW-Office of Corporate Relations.

Each of these Wisconsin-based early stage companies were chosen because they have transitioned successfully out of research and development, with good proof of concept for their products. Each was judged to have a unique value proposition. This year’s Emerging Company Showcase winners are:

ABL Technologies, LLC
ABL Technologies, LLC has developed a disruptive mapping technology to help treat Heart Arrhythmias by RF Ablation procedure. This is a $2.5bil market worldwide, growing at 30% per year. The safety features embedded in ABL’s technology will make this the future standard of care in certain Ablation procedures. ABL’s technology will cost Hospitals 70% less per procedure. EP Physicians love the ABL technology because it makes RF Ablation a lot safer for the patient and more efficient for the EP.

Co-D Therapeutics |
Co-D Therapeutics, Inc. based in Madison, WI, is an innovative drug development company dedicated to bringing to market first-in-class, combination nano-medicines with high safety profiles to treat cancer and improve patient’s lives. Co-D Therapeutics’ polymeric platform technology focuses on the formulation and delivery of multiple anticancer agents in a single novel therapeutic. Co-D Therapeutics is developing its nano-medicine lead product, Triolimus, to treat the rare malignancy, angiosarcoma, under an orphan drug designation, breast cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Triolimus will replace less efficacious, less safe, and more complex conventional combination chemotherapy regimens in clinical practice

Imbed Biosciences |
Imbed Biosciences Inc. is developing advanced wound care dressings based on its patent-pending antimicrobial polymeric nanocoatings for medical devices. The company is introducing a first of its kind wound dressing that can employ antimicrobial properties of silver at the onset of a wound treatment without tissue toxicity or irritation. Our first product is a ‘microfilm wound dressing’ intended for use on burns, donor sites, surgical wounds, and skin ulcers. The ultrathin dressing conforms to the micro-contours of the wound-bed, maintains wound moisture, releases antimicrobial silver for up to 7 days, and ultimately dissolves for painless removal in wound-debris.

inseRT MRI |
inseRT MRI has recognized key gaps constraining the adoption of minimally invasive, magnetic resonance (MR) image-guided surgical procedures. We are developing a platform technology for encapsulating workflow ‘apps’ to interactively guide these procedures. We partner rather than compete with therapeutic device and scanner manufacturers by providing customizable imaging solutions that current MR manufacturers are unable to provide due to technical or market fundamentals. We have two current focus areas: brain drug delivery and guiding robotic in-bore breast biopsy through our partners at Marvel Medtech. We provide an FDA regulatory approval pathway that is independent of the MR scanner regulatory process.

Microscopy Innovations |
Microscopy Innovations, LLC, of Marshfield, WI, produces high-impact life science tools. Its mPrep™ System — an innovative capsule-based system for microscope sample preparation and efficient “experimentation in a capsule” — is covered by U.S. and international patents. Over 1 billion biological specimens are prepared for microscopic analysis annually in academic, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories worldwide. But, current preparation methods are time-consuming, inefficient, and prone-to-error. The mPrep™ System addresses these problems. Users can lower total processing costs by an average of 25%, improve turn-around time, reduce error rates and cut chemical usage and disposal by 75% or greater.

Regenerative Medical Solutions |
Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS) is an early stage company that is dedicated to helping find a cure for diabetes. RMS provides its pancreatic cells, ProgenMix™, for pharmaceutical companies wishing to utilize these cells for drug discovery, efficacy and toxicity testing or as cells in progression toward a therapy. These cells provide an early indicator if drug candidates can be effective or hazardous and reduce the reliance on animal models, potentially saving millions of dollars in time and development costs. RMS’s cells are also derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), thus avoiding the ethical concerns of embryonic stem cells. RMS’s intellectual property is derived from co-founder Dr. Jon Odorico’s extensive work at the University of Wisconsin over the past decade.

Stealth Therapeutics |
Stealth Therapeutics was founded in 2006 by Bradley Glenn, MD., a practicing, board certified Interventional Radiologist. Dr. Glenn founded the company for the purpose of designing and developing a portfolio of improved venous access devices (VADS) that would be less invasive and have the smallest possible impact on the lives of patients. This product is more convenient and stable than a standard PICC line and is made with a polyurethane catheter and a titanium septum that is power injectable to 300psi/5cc/sec. The Invisiport is intended for use with long-term delivery of medications, nutritional supplementation, fluids, blood, blood products, the sampling of blood, and for the power injection of contrast media when used with a power-injectable Huber needle or infusion set. The Invisiport features a patented self-deploying wing that minimizes insertion size and supports stability once implanted in the patients arm or chest.

XenoGen Biosystems |
XenoGen Biosystems is a software solution to the wide distribution of life science information. Because life science data is gathered and stored by project or experiment, building comprehensive biological models and informatics is extremely laborious. XenoGen software enables experimental genomic information to be correlated with phenotypes, and standard reference genomes, wherever the information may reside. At XenoGen, we focus on data accessibility, correlation, and comprehensive analysis without disrupting any existing workflow. XenoGen tools put computational and mathematical power into the hands of life science researchers.

In addition to complimentary registration for the summit, the winners receive high-visibility exhibit space, recognition at one of the summit’s large plenary sessions, a complimentary year of membership in BioForward, and specialized one-on-one technical assistance ranging from business planning and investor introductions to collaborative partnerships courtesy of the Center for Technology Commercialization-WI Entrepreneurs Network, Exact Sciences, Madison Gas & Electric and UW-Office of Corporate Relations.

“With the continued growth in the Bioscience sector, we are pleased to announce this group of emerging company showcase winners for 2013. These eight companies characterize the diversity and innovation of technology within Wisconsin’s bioscience industry,” said Bryan Z. Renk, Executive Director of BioForward.“BioForward is committed to fostering growth in Wisconsin and these organizations represent key industries that will be at the center of future job creation.”

Registration for the Biotechnology Vision Summit 2013 is available online, with additional information at

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Eight Wisconsin bioscience companies have been selected as winners of BioForward’s 2013 Emerging Company Showcase. The competition is part of the 2013 Bioscience Vision Summit on September 18th, 2013.


Brian Moeller, (608) 236-4693