New York State Parents See Long-Term Success and College and Career Readiness as Top Benefits of Common Core

Forty-Two Percent of Parents Believe Technology Can Drive Students’ Success

BOSTON--()--A new survey from ConnectEDU, a company empowering administrators, educators and employers to connect students to careers through technology, reveals that parents in the state of New York view the top benefits of the Common Core as “improvement of my child’s long-term success” (19.4 percent) and “greater college and career readiness” (18.4 percent). A large percentage (42.2 percent) of parents believe that technology can help ease the transition to the Common Core curriculum.

Additional survey findings surrounding parents’ technology preferences revealed:

  • In addition to the “improvement of my child’s long-term success” and “greater college and career readiness,” parents also cited the following benefits of the Common Core Reform:
    • A deeper visibility into their child’s progress (14.6 percent)
    • Easy access to education tools (11.4 percent)
    • Greater control over their child’s progress (10.6 percent)
  • A desire to implement classroom technology that would allow tracking of their child's progress in real-time (44.9 percent), as well as:
    • Educational tools to use at home (32.6 percent)
    • Notification if their child is falling behind (26.6 percent)
    • Personalized coursework recommendations (23.8 percent)
  • Parents would take advantage of educational technology that recommends supplemental coursework designed to improve their child's performance in the classroom (37 percent)

“We recognize that a part of students’ success is dependent upon their parent network and we are excited to learn that New York parents are open to technology solutions like ours that will enhance their ability to provide the support their students need,” said Evan Nisonson, CEO at ConnectEDU.

Starting this Fall, New York school districts will have access to DataCation Compass, an educational dashboard built by ConnectEDU and CaseNEX-DataCation to support this transition with the goal of improving instruction, student learning and college and career readiness for all students if that is the tool that their district leaders select.

For more information about the Common Core and the DataCation Compass technology visit:

Survey Methodology
Using Google Consumer Surveys, ConnectEDU collected 4,000 unique candidate responses (a minimum of 500 unique responses per question) in July 2013. As Google Consumer Surveys require all questions to include a “no response” option, percentages may not add to one hundred. Survey participants were asked to answer a screening question to confirm that they are the guardian of a student enrolled in the New York Public School System and then asked to answer one additional randomly selected survey question.

About ConnectEDU
ConnectEDU is a privately held technology company, committed to preparing and transitioning 21st Century Learners on their pathways from school to college to career, helping them realize their potential, achieve a secure financial future, and ultimately connect to life's possibilities. Today, ConnectEDU serves more than 20 million registered learners, 5,000 educational institutions, and 130,000 employers throughout 40 countries.


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For ConnectEDU
Megan Kessler, 617-779-1875