Kinetic Supply-Chain Services chooses 3Gtms’s Continental LTL Neutral Rate Base

Allows simpler cost comparisons of LTL carriers as opposed to using the carriers’ own rates

SHELTON, Conn.--()--3Gtms, a transportation management systems (TMS) company, has announced that Kinetic Supply-Chain Services, a leading supply chain management services company, has signed an agreement to use the 3Gtms’s Continental LTL neutral rate base.

“When compared to neutral rate bases from rate bureaus, Continental gives us more flexible licensing terms, better functionality, and access to data that other providers restrict,” said Paul Benfer, Managing Partner for Kinetic Supply-Chain Services, LLC. “3Gtms is not governed by the carrier community, allowing the Continental LTL rate base to be totally neutral and fair to all parties.”

“Customers use our neutral rate base and other rating products because they want better technology at a fairer price than what is being charged by rating bureaus,” said Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3Gtms. “The Continental rate base is licensed independently or as part of our suite of LTL rating products.”

3G-Continental benefits to customers include:

  • Five and six digit zip & postal code accuracy
  • Data and DLL availability to carriers and other IT staff
  • Full compatibility with other commercial rating engines

Continental is part of 3G-LTL Rating Suite which includes a rater, transit times and more. If a customer wants the total cost of a shipment, 3Gtms offers 3G-Contract Manager which takes into account setup of contracts, accessorials, fuel surcharges and other items needed to calculate total freight costs.

Used by carriers and shippers throughout North America, the Continental product has been offered for more than 10 years and is a neutral LTL rate base for North American NMFC class-based shipping. A neutral rate base allows simpler cost comparisons of LTL carriers as opposed to using the carriers’ own rates.

Versions available for shippers, carriers, third party logistics companies, and consultants. To get the 2014 version of LTL neutral rate base, or any of our previous years (1998-2013), call 919.862.1900, or email

About Kinetic Supply-Chain Services

Based in Hazlet, N.J. Kinetic Supply-Chain Services is a full service third party logistics provider offering transportation, consulting and freight brokerage services. The company was founded in June 2004 by Paul and Theresa Benfer. Kinetic Supply-Chain Services is driven to provide a level of customer service superior than anyone in the third party logistics industry.

About 3Gtms

3Gtms develops transportation management software products used by shippers and third-party logistics companies to buy transportation services; plan and optimize transportation activities; execute the transportation plan; and be integral to an organization’s supply chain management framework. Customer satisfaction is an overarching core value for 3Gtms, with the company’s solutions being easy to use, quick to implement and cost-effective. 3Gtms is based in Shelton, Conn., and has offices in Raleigh, N.C. and Wayne, Penn.


Les A. Hamashima, 919-862-1900 x118

Release Summary

Kinetic Supply-Chain Services, a supply chain management company, signs an agreement to use the Continental LTL neutral rate base from 3Gtms—a transportation management software (TMS) company.


Les A. Hamashima, 919-862-1900 x118