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Crowdfunding Campaign Substantiates Tremendous Need for First-Ever Clinical Strength Laser Technology Developed for At-Home Treatment of Hair Loss

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Theradome Laser Helmet - Clinical-Strength Laser Hair Therapy for Home Use Theradome

PLEASANTON, Calif.--()--Please replace the video for release dated Aug. 14, 2013 with the accompanying corrected video.

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Crowdfunding Campaign Substantiates Tremendous Need for First-Ever Clinical Strength Laser Technology Developed for At-Home Treatment of Hair Loss

Theradome™, a medical device company focused on bringing clinical-strength technologies to the consumer market, captured mass audiences with the launch of its Theradome Laser Helmet through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, reaching its funding goal in less than 24 hours and doubling the initial goal within five days of the campaign launch.

Theradome™ recently announced its FDA-clearance for the first clinical-strength home laser therapy device for women experiencing hair loss- a very emotional experience for females and, not surprisingly, something that most prefer to deal with in the privacy of their own home. Pledges for pre-orders of the Laser Helmet skyrocketed from women in the first 24 hours, who primarily ordered anonymously. Men, who make up more than one third of the pre-orders to date, have been inclined to be less concerned about anonymity when purchasing the hair loss and hair health product. Theradome™ is currently offering early adopters introductory pricing significantly below retail cost through the Indiegogo campaign.

“Our first day out to market proved that there is obviously a significant demand for this at-home laser treatment. Being a need-based product, it is astonishing to see the response we received through crowdfunding but the substantial number of incoming requests are being clearly reflected through this platform,” stated Theradome founder/CEO, Tamim Hamid. Seeking a solution for his own hair loss at the early age of thirty-two, Tamim, a former NASA scientist with extensive biomedical engineering experience, developed the Laser Helmet not only because he wanted a more effective way to treat hair loss and avoid the use of medications, but also because he believed it was important to make clinical-strength laser technology available for personal use in the privacy of one’s home.

Laser Light Therapy (LLT) has been an effective treatment for growing hair and improving hair health for decades. Extensive research has addressed the efficacy of LLT but, until now, true cold laser therapy was only available through costly visits to a hair restoration clinic. Theradome uses specially developed, high efficiency lasers that produce virtually no heat but still allow the maximum amount of therapeutic light to be delivered. Additionally, the Laser Helmet can be used in conjunction with other hair restoration therapies and as a post-chemotherapy hair loss treatment.

Also effective as a beauty regime for women simply wanting fuller and healthier hair, the Laser Helmet is proven to provide cleaner and more manageable hair with improved body and luster within two to three months of twice weekly, twenty-minute treatments. In addition to decreased oiliness and generating larger hair shafts, users experience a noticeable difference with substantially less hair found fallen out in the shower or on pillows. After twenty-six treatments, users have thicker and longer hair with a healthier scalp. After fifty-two treatments, the hairs on the vertex, hairline and temple area start filling in- resulting in fuller, thicker hair with continued use.

Key Theradome™ features.

  • The world’s most powerful in-home solution to treat hair loss.
  • Produces results with just two 20-minute treatments each week.
  • Utilizes 80 proprietary lasers to generate over 440 joules and treats the full scalp area.
  • Delivers the optimum wavelength of light for hair growth (678 nanometers).
  • Hands-free operation allows the user to carry out other tasks during the therapy.

Key Theradome™clinical trial results.

  • Proven to grow hair in 98 percent of users.
  • Hair thickness, volume and density increased by 200% within six weeks.

About Theradome™

Theradome™ is a medical device company located in Silicon Valley focused on laser-based hair restoration therapies. The Company is committed to bringing therapies previously only available in a clinical setting into the home. The Theradome™ LH80 Laser Helmet helps stop hair loss, thickens existing hair and grows new hair for a fraction of the price of a visit to a clinic. For more information please visit the Theradome™ website at and follow us on Twitter at and Facebook at

About Indiegogo

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Theradome Laser Helmet, the first FDA cleared clinical-strength laser hair therapy device for home use, proves high demand for at-home hair loss treatments through successful crowdfunding campaign.


For Theradome
Laurie Watkins, 858-349-1989