CloudNFV™ Unveils Open Framework, Guidelines for Industry Participation, and Public Demonstration Timeline

Group is collaborating to create multi-vendor NFV demonstration platform to accelerate solution development using standard cloud computing tools and principles

CloudNFV Architecture (Graphic: CloudNFV)

VOORHEES, N.J.--()--CloudNFV™ today announced the technical framework and public demonstration schedule of an open platform for implementing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) based on cloud computing and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies in a multi-vendor environment. In addition, CloudNFV has published guidelines for open participation by vendors and network operators who were not part of the initial founding team.

What makes CloudNFV different than any other work taking place is that it is the only open, standards-based initiative that merges the three revolutions of the age: cloud computing, software-defined networking, and network functions virtualization.

CloudNFV is a group of vendors dedicated to creating a working prototype based upon the ETSI NFV Industry Specifications Group (ISG) work. The objective is to structure software and hardware elements, select practical interfaces and data models, and adapt as needed through the evolution of the ISG NFV specification. Detailed information on the technical framework and the initial prototype is contained within the CloudNFV white paper.

CIMI Corporation President, Tom Nolle, is the architect and facilitator of CloudNFV and the other founding members include 6WIND, Dell, EnterpriseWeb, Overture and Qosmos. These companies each bring unique technologies and expertise to complete the framework needed to demonstrate the multi-vendor CloudNFV vision.

Demonstrations of CloudNFV will open with a series of webinars beginning in late September and will include live, in-person demonstrations conducted at various industry events through the end of the year.

Organizations interested in becoming an integration partner with CloudNFV™ and participating in future activities, can read the details and requirements outlined in the document Participating in CloudNFV.

“We formed CloudNFV in April 2013 with a group of like-minded companies working towards an open, effective, manageable, and extensible means to deploy NFV using proven cloud principles and techniques,” said Tom Nolle, President of CIMI Corp. “Today marks a milestone in this work as we invite others to join us as we work to demonstrate the practical application of well understood cloud technologies to NFV – really taking NFV to the cloud.”

For more information on CloudNFV, please see the website or join the LinkedIn group – HERE.

About CloudNFV

CloudNFV is a not-for-profit, voluntary and collaborative activity aimed at advancing NFV using proven cloud principles and techniques. The activity is not sanctioned by, or associated with, the NFV Industry Specifications Group (ISG) or ETSI, although CloudNFV participants are required to be members of NFV ISG. CIMI Corporation is the initial facilitator for CloudNFV activities, though the company makes no claim on intellectual property created by or for this project. The website domains associated with it and the trademark of the term CloudNFV will be transferred at the appropriate point to the company or body that will manage the ongoing maintenance of the prototype platform/implementation created by this project.

Media Contacts for participating companies are available on the CloudNFV website:


Tom Nolle, 856-336-8522

Release Summary

Multi-vendor CloudNFV identifies founding members and sets guidelines for industry participation and demonstration timeline for implementing NFV based on cloud computing and SDN technologies


Tom Nolle, 856-336-8522