Metaps Officially Commences Service of "metaps Exchanger" - A Network for User Traffic Exchange and Optimization of Icons for Android Apps

TOKYO--()--Metaps Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Katsuaki Sato, hereafter “Metaps”) developer of the Android app monetization platform, ‘metaps’ has announced the commencement of a new service called ‘metaps Exchanger’ for Android apps, that allows the mutual exchange of user traffic between participant apps on the network, and performance optimization of their app icons.

Mutual Exchange of Traffic

Android Apps that are integrated with metaps Exchanger can show full screen ads at any point inside their app. Based on the number of times the developer shows the ads, they will proportionally receive the right for their own icon to be displayed in other metaps Exchanger integrated apps. Therefore, just by showing the metaps Exchanger ads in their own app, developers are given the chance to acquire users at no cost - A great prospect for developers who do not have the budget to launch large scale acquisition campaigns. Furthermore, only 2 lines of code are required to be added, and can take just 5 minutes for the most basic integration.

Optimization of Icon Performance

By registering multiple versions of their icon, the developer can perform A/B tests to determine which design delivers the most impact to users on the network, based on each icon’s click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR). Reports of the test results can be viewed at any time.

Since the changes to layout in the latest Google Play Store site renewal, a higher emphasis has been put on the creative design of the app icon and the impression it creates. Therefore, by optimizing the effectiveness of the icon, higher conversions can be expected from Google Play Store or any other Android app market place.

Monetize While Acquiring Users

Once an advertised app is downloaded, the ad revenue is paid to the developer displaying the ad. Unlike conventional banner ads, the Exchanger full-screen ad can be shown as an interstitial at any point inside the app. Additionally, since the ads are displayed full-screen, there is no visual impact on the UI design, and higher conversion rates can be expected.

Users tend not to click on conventional banner ads, and any impressions were generally wasted when click through was not achieved. However, by tying up the number of impressions, whether users click through or not, with the number of times the developer’s own icons can be displayed inside other apps on the Exchanger network, each impression is never a wasted potential, allowing for more opportunity to acquire users as well as monetization.

A Global Exchange Network

As long as the developer’s app is available on Google Play, it is possible to tap into metaps Exchanger’s global network. By exchanging traffic with other apps around the world, it is possible to increase user acquisitions in a self-propagating manner.

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