Artisan Unveils New Features and Capabilities for Mobile App Optimization in Summer 2013 Release

New features include Android support and advanced targeting for A/B testing

PHILADELPHIA--()--Artisan Mobile™, creator of the industry’s first Mobile Experience Management (MEM) platform, today announced the Summer ‘13 software release for Artisan Optimize. New features in this major software update include support for Android OS, advanced targeting for A/B testing, and confidence scoring.

“As increasingly more consumers use mobile apps to read, shop, browse, share, and learn, apps have become a significant revenue opportunity and a critical touchpoint for building strong, lasting customer relationships,” said Jason Barrett, Director of Monetization at Grapple Mobile Ltd, a UK-based mobile agency that develops exceptional mobile experiences for leading global brands. “This is why a solution like Artisan Optimize is so desperately needed in the native app world. Just as in the web world, we need a platform that lets us run targeted tests, collect detailed data in real-time, and quickly make changes. To now have these capabilities for both Android and iOS is huge.”

Support for Android OS

Customers leveraging Artisan Optimize can now also test and modify their Android native apps in addition to their iOS apps. Customers can make real-time changes to the design and user experience of Android native mobile apps, distribute A/B tests to different groups of users within their app's existing user base, and collect real-time data for each experiment.

Advanced Targeting

Once customers create an experiment, they can now target this experiment to specific user segments within the app based on user location, gender, and age. Real-time analytics from these experiments – such as number of users and sessions, distribution percentage, conversion percentage, and conversion comparison – educate customers on what designs and experiences resonate best with specific audiences. Companies have enjoyed advanced targeting on the web for years, but mobile brings distinct advantages, including the ability to more granularly target a user’s location. Images for Advanced Targeting can be seen here and here.

Confidence Scoring

The results of A/B tests now include confidence scoring. Customers not only know that variation “B” performed better than variation “A,” but they also know with a certain percentage confidence that this result is statistically significant – letting them rest assured that the designs they are deploying to users are based on reliable data.

Further enhancements to Artisan Optimize include: additional iPad support that allows customers to A/B test unique features of the iPad; CocoaPods support for easier SDK installation; and significant upgrades to the usability and organization of the Artisan test designer screens for easier, more seamless use.

“We’re thrilled to bring these new features to market,” said Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan. “We’ve grown our team significantly to accelerate the development of our MEM platform, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the robust enhancements we’ve made since our general release of Artisan Optimize just a few months ago. With these latest capabilities, brands can easily manage their iOS and Android apps from just one platform and continuously enhance their apps to provide exceptional mobile experiences that drive measurable results.”

Artisan Optimize is the first solution that enables real-time changes to the design and user experience of native mobile applications without re-writing code or re-submitting to app stores. The result is a powerful platform that transforms static mobile apps into vibrant marketing channels. Non-technical customers such as marketers, designers and product managers can now make dynamic updates, conduct A/B tests, and optimize designs in a matter of minutes versus weeks with a traditional coding approach. As with the Web, creating compelling mobile experiences has a direct and measurable impact on business results and with Artisan, companies can be sure to maximize their return on mobile investment.

Artisan Optimize is the first of several products on the Artisan MEM platform. Products planned for release this fall include:

  • Artisan Analyze: Gain deep insights into user behavior and app usage without coding
  • Artisan Create: Design and build the user interface of new native mobile apps
  • Artisan Personalize: Segment and target audiences with personalized app experiences

Artisan recently announced in June that it has raised $5.5 million in Series A financing. For more information on Artisan, please visit

About Artisan

Artisan Mobile, Inc. is the creator of the industry’s first Mobile Experience Management platform. Artisan significantly accelerates the path to user engagement and creates new opportunities for business growth. By bringing the capabilities of online Customer Experience Management and Web Marketing Optimization to the mobile app world, Artisan helps organizations drive mobile adoption, retention, conversion, and revenue. Artisan is venture-backed by FirstMark Capital and is proudly located in Old City Philadelphia.


Artisan Mobile, Inc.
Media Contact
Heather Miller, 215-867-8600 x239

Release Summary

Artisan announced new features for Artisan Optimize, including support for Android OS, advanced targeting for A/B testing, and confidence scoring.


Artisan Mobile, Inc.
Media Contact
Heather Miller, 215-867-8600 x239