Rambus Engineers and Inventors to Present at the 2013 Computational Sensing and Imaging Meeting

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Computational Sensing and Imaging 2013
Renaissance Arlington Capital View
Arlington, VA, USA


June 23-27, 2013

Rambus inventors will present at the 2013 Computation Sensing and Imaging meeting. Presentations include exploring the theoretical and experimental progress in Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging research. These talks span the fundamental physics, hardware implementation, and the numerical and analytical techniques that are leading to significant improvements in imaging and sensing across various fields, such as medicine, defense, and homeland security, as well as in industrial inspection and testing.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Title: “Lensless Ultra-Miniature Imagers Using Odd-Symmetry Spiral Phase Gratings”
6:20 p.m.
Patrick R. Gill, David G. Stork, Rambus

Drs. Gill and Stork introduce a new type of diffractive element based on odd-symmetry phase gratings. Spiral arrangements of these gratings over photo sensors constitute a new class of unprecedentedly small computational camera.

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Title: “Transmissive Structured Illumination Reveals Target Depth and Cast Shadow Details Obscured by Scattering Media”
9:20 a.m.
Avinash Kumar, Patrick R. Gill, Thomas Vogelsang, David G. Stork, Rambus

During this presentation, Rambus engineers will describe novel methods of computing sharp shadows and depth estimates of objects immersed in highly scattering media using multi-scale structured transmissive illumination, such as modified Hadamard tiles.

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Rambus is the innovative technology solutions company that brings invention to market. Unleashing the intellectual power of our world-class engineers and scientists in a collaborative and synergistic way, Rambus invents, licenses and develops solutions that challenge and enable our customers to create the future. While best known for creating unsurpassed semiconductor memory architectures, Rambus is also developing world-changing products and services in security, advanced LED lighting and displays, and immersive mobile media.



Schwartz MSL for Rambus
Dan O’Mahony/Darah Roslyn, 415-512-0770


Schwartz MSL for Rambus
Dan O’Mahony/Darah Roslyn, 415-512-0770