STUDY: Customer Service on Twitter Sees 63 Percent Increase in Brands Sending 50+ Tweets Per Day

Once Captured Via Social Media, Many Requests Still Funneled Through Traditional Support Channels

SEATTLE--()--As consumer demand for customer service on Twitter continues to grow, a study by Simply Measured shows that top brands are responding by increasing their investment to serve more customers, and diversify how they provide support. Thirty-two percent of brands now have dedicated customer support handles, with a 63 percent increase quarter over quarter in the number of brands that send 50+ customer services tweets per day.

The quarterly study of the Interbrand 100 with dedicated support handles on Twitter focuses on what tactics brands are using to deliver customer service, which industries are receiving the most demand, and how well brands have performed against key customer service metrics over the last three months.

The electronics and technology sectors have the highest demand for customer services on Twitter, receiving 67,000 and 46,000 mentions, respectively – likely due to the nature of their socially savvy customers.

The data also shows that while brands receive customer service requests through Twitter, many are then choosing to funnel them to traditional support channels where they are better equipped to process issues, track resolution and do so out of the public eye. Forty-six percent of customer service responses contained one or more of the following tactics: linking users to a website (20 percent), requesting more info (12 percent), directing users to email (9 percent), Direct Message (6 percent), or call a support number (5 percent).

Key findings include:

  • More brands are investing resources. 32 percent of top brands now have dedicated customer service handles, with electronics and technology sectors seeing the most demand.
  • Volume is on the rise. Customer service account mentions increased by 5 percent, and brands increased their responses to support issues by 13 percent, delivering nearly 94K customer service Tweets. More than half of the brands with dedicated support handles send 10+ tweets per day, with a 63 percent increase in those who send 50+ tweets per day.
  • Brand investment is paying off. Brands continued to improve responsiveness for the third straight quarter. The average response time was shortened from 5.1 hours to 4.6 hours and the average response rate increased from 42 percent to 45 percent.
  • Samsung made the most significant gains. The electronics giant improved its response rate by 58 percent, to become one of only four brands, including Blackberry, Nike and Nokia, with a response rate greater than 60 percent. Collectively the top 10 customer service handles accounted for more than 80 percent of customer support mentions.
  • Traditional support channels are still important. 20 percent of customer service tweets direct users to an online resource, making it the most commonly used tactic.
  • However, there is still a gap between customer service demand and responses. While nearly 70 percent of customer service account mentions are made between the business hours of 6am-6pm PST, 80 percent of all customer support responses are made during business hours, meaning brands are less responsive during off-hours, especially between 10pm and 7am.

“There’s no questioning the value of Twitter as a critical channel for customer support,” said Adam Schoenfeld, CEO of Simply Measured. “Since we started tracking this data nearly a year ago, we’ve seen brands significantly increase their investment in dedicated support handles, improving their ability to respond quickly while serving more customers. I expect we’ll see this trend continue upward as more brands realize how easy it can be to meet the needs of socially savvy customers.”

Simply Measured is Twitter Certified Product that helps marketers report on their own social media analytics and engagement in context with competitors across all their social channels.

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Top brands increase customer service investment and responsiveness on Twitter


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