VinPerfect Expands Range of Oxy-Regulating Screwcap Closures for the Premium Wine Market

VinPerfect, Inc., leader in the oxygen regulating closure market, announced the commercial release of two more oxy-regulating “Smart” Caps, each with its own highly consistent oxygen ingress rate.

NAPA, Calif.--()--Today, Tim Keller, Founder & CEO, announced that the company has commercially released two additional oxygen levels for its premium oxy-regulating wine closures.

The two new liners: ‘Medium Plus’ and ‘Light’, fulfill VinPerfect’s goal of creating a range of SmartCaps™ which allow winemakers to choose the oxygen performance level that best suits their wine style. For technical information, visit

VinPerfect spent 4 years developing highly consistent wine closures, which led to an initial product release of the VinPerfect ‘Medium’ closure in the fall of 2011. Since then, VinPerfect has been working with multiple leading winemakers, testing a number of prototypes with different oxygen rates. Citing experience in commercial trials, VinPerfect has validated its position that the relevant range of oxygen for a wine in bottle is between 0.1 and 1 ppm per year. Wines below this range were less expressive aromatically and wines above that range tended to taste ‘dead’.

“These latest liners have been in beta tests with our commercial partners for over a year and it is surprising how much of a quality difference you can taste within just a few months after bottling. We now have enough ‘on-bottle’ experience with these oxygen rates to offer additional options for lighter and heavier wine styles,” says Keller.

Each wine has an optimal oxygen level that produces a vibrant wine that tastes great right out of the bottle. Any less oxygen and you give up a significant amount of potential quality; any more and you unnecessarily compromise the wine’s shelf life.

“A little bit of oxygen goes a very long way,” claims Keller, “and as a winemaker myself, I’m focused on helping our customers meet their needs and actually deliver superior wines. We have been very careful and very results-oriented in the roll-out of this product. The number of choices you have does not matter if those choices aren’t good ones.”

Keller reinforces this point by noting that even VinPerfect’s highest oxygen product, the Medium Plus has a lower oxygen rate than even the tightest synthetic cork, and that a competing cap company offers oxygen rates at 10 and 100 times higher. VinPerfect is unique in the ability to deliver multiple choices for oxygen within a range that actually matters.

The focus of VinPerfect’s technology has always been on one thing: consistent oxygen control. VinPerfect SmartCaps™ provide superior consistency, far better than any other option. Having achieved true control, a winemaker can choose a liner that delivers the amount of oxygen that works best for their wine. Keller believes “there is no reason why VinPerfect SmartCaps shouldn’t be on every bottle of wine in the world.”

About VinPerfect, Inc.

VinPerfect is the market leader specializing in oxy-regulating closures for the wine industry, providing precise control over wine’s post-bottling oxygen exposure. By selecting VinPerfect SmartCaps™, winemakers benefit from greater quality control and a wider range of stylistic options. Consumers enjoy wines with enhanced aromatics, avoid ‘cork-taint’ completely, and protect against more subtle wine damage from premature oxidation or reduction.

The VinPerfect SmartCap, with advanced liner technology, allows for precise levels of oxygen to suit any wine varietal. With three options in the narrow band of proper post-bottling oxygen ingress, wine can now be kept in top condition, can age properly and will taste truly as the winemaker intended.

The Company aims to displace bark corks as the preferred closure option and give winemakers and wine lovers what they have always deserved: the perfect wine closure, appropriate for any wine style.

VinPerfect is headquartered in Napa, California. For more information, visit

VinPerfect, Inc.
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VinPerfect, Inc.
Collin Casper, 707-252-2155

Release Summary

VinPerfect announces the commercial release of two more oxygen-regulating screwcap liners, creating a range of SmartCaps for winemakers to select the oxygen ingress rate best suited for their wine.


VinPerfect, Inc.
Collin Casper, 707-252-2155