Interprose Celebrates 15 Years of Delivering Influential Communications Campaigns that Build Business Value for Technology Innovators

SmartCEO Magazine Recognizes Interprose Founder for Exemplary Leadership;

Expanded Management Team Positions Agency for Smart Growth

Vivian Kelly, Interprose Founder & CEO (Photo: Interprose)

RESTON, Va.--()--Interprose this year celebrates its 15th anniversary, a milestone few other independent, high-technology strategic communications companies have reached. This anniversary celebration is marked by recognition from SmartCEO Magazine of Interprose’s chief executive officer and founder, Vivian Kelly, with a Brava! Award, designated for top female CEOs in Greater Washington, as well as expansion of Interprose’s management team to position the agency for smart growth.

Interprose’s clients include global industry associations and alliances that foster innovation, and companies that deliver solutions in fast-growing sectors such as power and energy, retail technology, telecom and life sciences. By combining the latest in marketing creativity with proven public relations and social media campaigns, Interprose specializes in creating brand equity and helping to define, differentiate, dramatize and build long-term value for corporations and organizations. With an eye on delivering business results for its clients, Interprose also prioritizes between work and lifestyle, enabling its employees to get the most out of their personal lives and their careers.

“Hiring talent regardless of physical boundaries led Interprose to become a pioneer in teleworking, before remote working was an accepted business model among companies,” Kelly said. “Having access to experienced professionals wherever they reside and in multiple time zones allows us to better serve our global customers and it provides the team with ever-important work-life balance. Because of this model, our attrition is very low. Many of our employees have been with us for more than a decade, which is a key differentiator in this industry.”

Steering this growth track alongside Kelly include three business veterans: Cathy Palmen, senior vice president; Wanda Medina, vice president of finance and administration, and John Wengler, vice president of marketing. Palmen has been a part of Interprose’s success since the agency’s inception in 1998; Wengler and Medina joined the company in 2012.

“Our sustained success throughout long periods of economic uncertainty is a reflection on the exceptional quality and commitment of our people,” Palmen said. “Interprose has navigated difficult recessions and profound changes in communications, particularly in social media and content creation. We could not be more excited about the evolving landscape, the inevitable merging of PR and marketing and the emergence of new platforms to extend our clients’ voice.”

In enhancing Interprose’s policies and procedures, accounting, financial planning, human resources and contract-management activities, Medina relies upon her extensive experience working with private and public companies and with the federal government in foreign assignments. Previously, she served in similar roles at Contact Solutions, SER Solutions (now Siemens), Johnson & Johnson and PepsiCo.

“We take a client-centric approach on how we align the best talent globally in order for our customers to achieve greater success,” said Medina. “By taking this approach we are maximizing our potential for meaningful growth. Interprose has exciting times ahead. We are definitely an agency to watch.”

Wengler’s background includes nearly two decades in marketing communications and B2B publishing, driving audience development for industry leaders such as Forbes, McGraw-Hill, United Business Media and Hart Energy, which serves the oil and gas industry.

“Over the last several years, Interprose has expanded its client base, and the ability to execute and deliver strategic communications campaigns has been a driving force behind our successful customer diversification," Wengler said. “At Interprose, the best ideas don’t get bogged down in corporate bureaucracy; the CEO’s openness allows us to be nimble and maximize opportunities. This enables us to more effectively grow our business and better support our clients.”

On July 31st at the SmartCEO 2013 Brava! Awards gala, Interprose’s CEO will be honored among 25 women business leaders and five nonprofit leaders selected from more than 200 nominees across the mid-Atlantic. Additionally, Kelly will be profiled in the July issue of SmartCEO magazine. “The Brava! Award is recognition of our business growth and future potential as well as our passion for giving back to the community and beyond. It’s an honor and a privilege to stand shoulder-to-shoulder alongside this year’s 30 powerhouse women leaders,” added Kelly.

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Interprose celebrates 15 years as the first virtual tech PR firm to remain profitable and reach this milestone by delivering quality results that build long-term business value for its clients.


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