ConvenientPower Debuts “WoW5” at Computex 2013, World First in Qi Wireless Charging Up to 5 Devices Simultaneously Anywhere on the Charger

Carefree, Drop Anywhere and Charge Convenience - Scalable For Public Spaces

ConvenientPower WoW5 Simultaneously Charging Five Smartphones (Photo: Business Wire)


SAN FRANCISCO--()--ConvenientPower today announced the debut of WoW5, the world’s first scalable multi-device inductive charger, charging up to five Qi-compatible devices simultaneously anywhere on the charging surface.

Until now, multi-device wireless charging pads required devices to be placed with pin-point accuracy above the induction points or specific areas. With WoW5, multiple devices can be placed freely anywhere on the charging surface.

“The carefree drop-and-charge anywhere on the charger experience is a real game-changer for our mobile device-dependent lifestyle. The WoW5 platform creates a ‘wow’ user experience for consumers hauling chargers and batteries around and hunting for electrical outlets,” said Camille Tang, President, ConvenientPower. “Catering to multiple compatible devices, the WoW5 is ideal for public spaces like cafes, airports, hotels, offices – anywhere lots of people want to charge their devices without the hassle of wires and outlets.”

ConvenientPower WoW5 will be demonstrated on June 4, 2013 at Computex Taipei booth G436, Exhibition Hall 3 at the Taipei World Trade Center.

WoW5 breakthrough features include:

  • Safe and efficient: The largest number of devices that can be charged inductively, without efficiency and heat control challenges typical to scalable multi-device chargers. ConvenientPower’s patented coil array, smart localized charging, shielding and Foreign Object Detection technologies deliver efficient, safe charging.
  • Ultra-thin and ample charging surface area: The thinnest form factor at 5 to 9 millimeters, for the largest effective charging surface, to complement increasingly sleek consumer electronics designs.
    The charging area of the demo offers around 280mm by 120mm for full spatial freedom characteristic of such number of devices being charged. Moreover, there are no "dead spots" or uneven charging as experienced with other “spatially free” multi-device chargers in the market.
  • Scalable: ConvenientPower’s unique patented multi-coil array uses overlapping coils that can be arranged, added and scaled out to fit any size and shape, which allows for easy optimization and customization. Significantly, the customization of the charging surface does not impact the thinness of the form factor. In addition, WoW5 can increase or decrease for the number of devices that can be simultaneously charged for an optimal fit.
  • Hassle-free: Previous generations of wireless charging surfaces were unreliable for consumers because they were plagued by dead spots. Users had to carefully align their device on a fixed spot or specific areas on the charger, and would often discover hours later that their device had not been charging. WoW5 fixes this irritation by giving consumers the flexibility to drop up to five devices anywhere on the charging surface.
  • Reliable manufacturing: A hybrid combination of patented PCB technology with Litz wire produces the most reliable quality and manufacturability for a rapidly evolving ecosystem.
  • Customizable: ConvenientPower’s ASIC chipset can be optimized and combined with the company’s expertise to develop customized applications of WoW5 with maximum performance and value for partners who want to deploy the technology in commercial products and public spaces.

Backed by more than 140 leading companies of the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi is the global standard for wireless charging now in over 250 products, ranging from smartphones and phablets to charging pads, gaming controllers, Bluetooth headsets, even automobile consoles in 2014 model Toyotas and Jeeps. Millions of Qi-enabled mobile phones from Google, Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC and others are being sold by carriers including Verizon, AT&T, China Mobile, NTT DoCoMo, O2, Sprint and Telefónica.

Shipments of wireless power enabled devices are projected to grow from 5 million units this year to close to 100 million by 2015, according to IMS Research1. The value of the market is growing rapidly, with a projected 58 percent CAGR from US $457 million in 2011 to US $7.161 billion in 2017. 2

About ConvenientPower

ConvenientPower is a global leader and innovator in wireless power charging intellectual property and productization. Offering customized and standard wireless charging solutions, ConvenientPower co-architected "Qi," the world's universal standard for compatible wireless charging. Its world first’s include the first automotive integration of wireless charging in the Toyota Avalon (available now also in the Prius) in partnership with Philips Lite-On Digital Solutions; the first Apple “Made For iPhone” certified Qi wireless charging products and the first wireless power products with partners in key markets of the USA, Japan, China and Europe. ConvenientPower Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and additional information can be found at

1 “New Nokia Phone Will Help To Establish Wireless Power, Qi Standard”, IMS Research, September 2012

2 “Wireless Charging Market” research report, Markets and Markets, May 2012,


Media Contact for ConvenientPower:
Kylie Brusch, (+1) 415-365-0386

Release Summary

ConvenientPower debuts WoW5, the world’s first scalable multi-device inductive charger, up to five Qi-compatible devices simultaneously anywhere on the charging surface.


Media Contact for ConvenientPower:
Kylie Brusch, (+1) 415-365-0386