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Update of First Personal Information Management Tool Adds Dimensions of Integration and Usability

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EveryThink- Bringing Organization to Everything

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Today, EveryThinkTM announced an updated version of the EveryThink App (version 1.3.1), a powerful suite of personal information management tools for the iPhone. EveryThink integrates calendar functions and tasks, together with all applicable data-objects. For example, a meeting entry in the calendar can hold relevant presentation, spreadsheet, PDF or voice note information all attached at the point of use. EveryThink’s patent-pending Drag-hover-Drop (DhD) technology allows users to move items and information between calendars, tasks and time slots – with a swipe of a finger.

“I was frustrated by the fragmented support for managing personal information in the mobile environment,” said Yair Grinberg, CEO of EveryThink. “Current digital devices organize information separately by type – rather than by content and use. This approach creates a counter-productive paradigm. EveryThink strives to organize information the way people actually think and work.”

A brief illustrative intro to the EveryThink concept can be seen in the new EveryThink video. The EveryThink App introductory pricing is $4.99 and is available now for the iPhone via the AppStore.

The new EveryThink App version provides additional dimensions of integration and usability. The upgrades to the platform were taken from both EveryThink’s strategic plan and some adjustments based on users’ feedback.

In terms of integration, some key new features include:

  • Enhanced Cloud access, as DropBox support was added to the existing Google Drive support. Consequently, any type of file residing in either repository can be attached and viewed.
  • Invitations can be issued to meeting participants from within the EveryThink App.
  • SIRI™ reminders automatically populate the EveryThink planner.
  • Integration of Facebook Events & Birthdays is automatic, with Facebook profile photos embedded for relevant contacts.

On the usability front, the primary new features are:

  • Guided introduction into the optimal usage of EveryThink’s unique features– provided through automatic, context-sensitive and non-intrusive tips.
  • Landscape activation has been added to the existing Landscape viewing. The full EveryThink functionality – including DhDTM –is now available in Landscape as well.
  • Correlation of related data (e.g.- home calendar and grocery list) is automatically implemented with a merging of “Task Lists” and “Calendar Categories.” The categorizations are adjustable according to user preferences.

The opportunity for personal information management tools is continuing to grow. The mobile environment is already moving deeper into the daily life of all of today’s users. Altimeter Group’s June 2012 report, “Identify & Empower Your Mobile Workforce,” by Analyst Chris Silva said, “Today, one-in-two mobile owners in the U.S. have a smartphone, and many more own tablets. As most of these same consumers adapt their personal lifestyle to be ‘mobile first,’ they expect their employers to be there to meet them…to increase productivity of their employees by allowing the use of these personal devices.”

About EveryThink

Inspired by Apple’s iPhone vision with beautiful function and design, with earth-shaking usability, the EveryThink solution has tackled ways to transform the productivity infrastructure in the mobile environment. EveryThink has taken the best of knowledge management theory of the 21st century and integrated it into innovative, easy-to-use, personal information management solutions for the mobile world. Its patent-pending DhD, Drag-hover-Drop capability is only one way that EveryThink is pushing beyond the current of this space. Founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur Yair Grinberg, the company is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Additional information is available at http://www.everythink.us.

EveryThink and DhD are registered trademarks of EveryThink, Ltd.

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Rainier Communications for EveryThink
Laura Ackerman, 508-475-0025 x115

Release Summary

EveryThink announced an updated version of the its App, a powerful, integrated suite of personal information management tools for the iPhone with patent-pending Drag Hover Drop (DhD) technology.


Rainier Communications for EveryThink
Laura Ackerman, 508-475-0025 x115