The Just Jobs Network, a Project of the Center for American Progress, Hosts Second Summit in New Delhi, India

Summit’s Leaders Unite to Discuss Rising Global Unemployment and Inequality

NEW DELHI--()--The Just Jobs Network, an alliance of international organizations, and a project of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for American Progress (CAP), will host its second summit in New Delhi, India on April 20th and 21st, 2013. The network’s first summit in Cairo, Egypt took place in 2011, just four months following the Revolution.

The Just Jobs Network will release new data and findings on international economic indicators such as employment, real wages and working conditions. The meeting in Delhi will coincide with the International Monetary Fund /World Bank (IMF/WB) spring meetings in Washington, D.C. this weekend.

Sabina Dewan, Director of the Just Jobs Network notes, “The state of employment is the true gauge of the success or failure of an economy. A successful economy is one where people have opportunities to build a better life for themselves and their families; where economic growth is employment-based, inclusive and sustainable.”

John Podesta, former Chief of Staff for the Clinton Administration and Chairman of the Board at the Center for American Progress, is among the global leaders deliberating ways to create better employment worldwide. Mr. Podesta said, “The Just Jobs Network summit will bring focus and offer solutions to one of the world’s most pressing challenges – how to create more and better jobs, particularly for young people. As many at the IMF/WB meetings grapple with global economic challenges, it’s crucial that creating just jobs as a driver of growth is a top priority.”

The Just Jobs Network summit will discuss:

  • The relationship between jobs, growth and inequality
  • Creating jobs through the private sector: corporate social responsibility and responsible sourcing
  • A route out of poverty: global wage trends for apparel workers
  • Including quantity and quality of employment as part of multilateral trade
  • Improving employment opportunities for youth, and promoting economic empowerment of women and girls worldwide

Panelists will include:

  • John Podesta, former Chief of Staff to President Clinton and Chairman of the Board of the Center for American Progress
  • Carol Browner, Senior Distinguished Fellow at the Center for American Progress and former Advisor to US President Barack Obama
  • Reema Nanavaty, recipient of the 2013 Padma Shri Award; SELF
  • David Perla, Managing Director, 1991Ventures
  • Parul Soni, Executive Director, Development Advisory Services, Ernst & Young
  • Elizabeth Vazquez, CEO, WEConnect International
  • Gurinder Sangha, CEO of Intelligize

The summit will be held at the Taj Mahal Hotel, 1, Mansingh Road, New Delhi in the Longchamp room beginning at 9:30 AM Saturday April 20th until 12:30 PM on Sunday April 21st.

The summit is co-sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and SAATH.

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ABOUT JUST JOBS NETWORK: The Just Jobs Network is an international alliance of think tanks, academics, policy institutions, businesses, labor and grassroots organizations dedicated to improving the quantity and quality of jobs toward more balanced, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth.


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Release Summary

The Just Jobs Network and the Center for American Progress (CAP), will host its second summit in New Delhi, India on April 20 and 21, 2013.


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