ROAM and Publish February Mobile Point of Sale Tracker

The MPOS tracker is a useful framework for helping with the assessment of players in terms of functionality, capability and market position. This month’s tracker reveals that value is taking the form of bundled solutions that make it easy for merchants to buy.

BOSTON--(), the premier source of news and commentary on innovation in payments, and ROAM, a pioneer in the mobile POS space, today published the February update to their guide to the mobile point of sale ecosystem. February 2013’s report features eight new players to the MPOS Pyramid and one “powered by” supplier. The new merchant facing players are Circle it Up, Cube, Miura Shuttle, MTS, Nedbank (PocketPOS), Payfirma, Revel Systems and YES Bank. The one powered by supplier is Payworks.

Several players from prior months have also been updated. They include the following eight merchant facing players: iZettle, KWI Cloud 9, mPowa, ShopKeep, SumUp, Square, Payleven and PayPal Here, and one powered by supplier, ROAM.

Key insights from February’s report include:

  • Keep it simple. The small business market is time, people and money challenged. Solutions that come bundled with segment appropriate hardware and software make it easy for SMBs to purchase, operate and easy for the services provider to support. The pricing associated with these bundles are also easy for SMBs to budget for and pay. This trend is seen with both tablet/register solutions and phone/dongle solutions. MPD CEO Karen Webster spoke to ROAM CEO Ken Paull and Visa's Global Head of Business Development Matt Dill as they discuss their new partnership, further solidifying the power of bundling. Listen to the entire podcast here.
  • Distribution is the flip side of stickiness. Payments is a scale business where timely distribution is critical to ignition and ignition is critical to success. Getting to SMBs is a challenge, which is still where the bulk of the MPOS efforts are focused today. Partnerships between players with SMB relationships and MPOS assets extend the reach for the latter while creating additional functionality and stickiness for the former. This “two-fer” is driving a lot of the partnership activity in the space.
  • Standards and best practices rule. At Mobile World Congress, MasterCard and Visa both announced certification programs that provide some best practices and certification standards for MPOS solution providers. These programs are designed to create some minimum standards in important areas like security in an effort to raise the bar for the new players entering the space and provide some assurances to the SMBs who have likely never accepted cards that the solutions they will be using meet a minimum acceptable standard. This space, in particular, will be interesting to watch.

Download the full February 2013 MPOS Tracker report here.

At the end of March, we will debut our MPOS ratings and assessment report, which will be updated quarterly. We have distributed detailed survey forms, including client references, to each Pyramid participant which will be reviewed, and fact checked for accuracy. If you would like to participate or if you would just like to send us comments on this report, please reach out to us at

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Daniella Poeta M. Scott, 617-374-1332

Daniella Poeta M. Scott, 617-374-1332