NetWolves Announces the Introduction of its “Elite Master Program”

Channel Partner Conference & Expo – Las Vegas, NV February 27th-29th, 2013

Channel Partners Expo 2013

TAMPA, Fla.--()--NetWolves has announced that it will be focusing its Channel Program on select Master Agents, who have been invaluable in the growth and development of the Program. TBI, Intelisys, PlanetOne and Microcorp are among the first Master agents who have enrolled in the program. “Their commitment to identifying priority opportunities and bringing NetWolves’ full suite of service to the dance has solidified the foundation of our relationship,” said Ryan Kelly, President of Sales.

This program has been designed for Master Agents who are looking to unlock the potential of managed services revenue, which exists in every customer where traditional voice and data networks are sold. NetWolves has created a support structure, which includes Solutions Managers, Network Engineering and Project Management to identify and access additional revenue streams inherent to existing and new network customers.

NetWolves has been recognized by large, multi-billion dollar Enterprise Class customer as an irreplaceable value-add to the network managers and IT teams.

As a Managed Network Provider (MNP), NetWolves combines years of experience in managing end-to-end enterprise networks with an extensive network aggregation reach. NetWolves uses its patented technology in combination with best of class applications to deliver the most robust services suite for network managers. Agents who have worked with NetWolves for years would agree, NetWolves enjoys the highest retention rate among service providers. With our extensive suite of service, once a network is deployed, agents have watched initial revenues grow by 50% to 200%, which typically does not occur when contracting direct with Tier One facility providers.

“When we initially engaged the NetWolves team, the network opportunity was approximately $11,000 MRC. The NetWolves team rolled up their sleeves, and engaged the customer, assuming a primary roll. Our client was consistently impressed and happy with the high level of expertise and flexibility which was displayed. NetWolves not only met their network requirement, they created a solution that satisfied a number of strategic IT objectives and the opportunity grew to $24,000 MRC,” said Ralph A. Chacon, President, Agape Communications. “The customer continues to turn to NetWolves for additional managed services and bills in excess of $45,000 MRC today.”

As the channel continues to evolve, agents who leverage NetWolves’ unique offering will have the opportunity to increase overall deal size as well as extend the average length of customer retention.

Any agent not affiliated with one of NetWolves’ master agents is welcome to contact us at to understand the value of working with us and one of our elite masters.

About NetWolves

Founded in 1998 and with strong roots in network security and software development, NetWolves has established itself as a proven Managed Network Provider (MNP). We have combined the abilities of both a forward-looking managed services organization with a diverse network aggregator. We have the expertise to deliver efficient and cost-effective multi-network, and multi-technology solutions.

NetWolves offers consolidated secure network services from 150+ leading telecommunication companies, which includes large, Tier 1 facilities providers, cable companies, as well regional niche providers. We provide our clients with a complete single-source solution that includes design, primary and redundant network application device management, real-time network monitoring, multi-tier and support systems and reporting all on a single invoice.

NetWolves is the equivalent of an outsourced IT Department, Telecom Brokerage Firm and Software Developer wrapped into a single relationship.


Nan Marsden, 813-579-3200


Nan Marsden, 813-579-3200