Synygy Rolls Out New Data Management Application for Optymyze

CHESTER, Pa.--()--Synygy, the largest and most experienced provider of incentive compensation management (ICM) and other sales performance management (SPM) solutions, today rolled out another application for its Optymyze™ software platform: the data management application.

The latest Optymyze application helps sales, sales operations, finance, human resources, and other departments more easily manage sales compensation, sales performance, and other sales data through a comprehensive set of tools that quickly and accurately extract source data, load it into the data repository, validate and cleanse the data, manage exceptions to the data, and maintain the data within the Optymyze data repository.

As with all of the Optymyze applications, the data management application runs with ease on laptops and PCs and can be deployed on public, private, or hybrid clouds, but is especially at home on tablets and other touch devices.

Companies that lack the tools and methodologies embodied in the Optymyze data management application are likely to run into problems with:

  • inaccurate data that is not properly validated and cleansed before being used in calculations, reports, and analyses
  • internal controls and audit trails that are insufficient (or non-existent) to meet data compliance standards and requirements
  • an inability to adapt as source inputs, validation and cleansing rules, and adjustment and exception rules change over time

“Our clients are able to easily maintain complex data extraction, loading, and validation processes and to easily manage adjustments and exceptions using mobile and touch devices—and they are able to do so without the need for custom coding, expensive technical resources, or complex third-party software,” said Synygy president and CEO Mark A. Stiffler.

With the Optymyze data management application supporting their sales operations processes, companies are able to:

  • identify and resolve root causes of errors in data through automated data validation and cleansing processes
  • establish and maintain secure and auditable processes for making adjustments and exceptions to data
  • quickly and easily modify data extraction, load, validation, adjustment, and exception processes in response to changes in data sources and downstream processes

“The Optymyze software platform brings a touch user interface to all components of sales performance management, including the administrative components,” added Stiffler. “The new data management application works in concert with the Optymyze data repository management application to manage all aspects of a sales organization’s data needs.”

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Synygy is the largest and most experienced provider of incentive compensation management (ICM) and related sales performance management (SPM) software and services. Synygy’s SPM Business Platform uniquely combines technology enablement, standards and best practices, and continuous improvement to deliver solutions that improve sales operations efficiency and sales force effectiveness. With 550 employees across America, Europe, and Asia, Synygy has the global resources and capabilities to solve the most complex ICM and SPM challenges.

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Release Summary

Synygy announced the availability of the data management application for its Optymyze™ software platform.


Michael Ousey, 610-494-3300