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PlayStation®Vita Available at an Attractive New Recommended Retail Price of 19,980 yen (Including Tax), Starting February 28 in Japan

Tokyo, February 18, 2013 – Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. responsible for business operations in Japan, today announced that PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) 3G/Wi-Fi model and Wi-Fi model, currently available at a recommended retail price (RRP) of 29,980 yen and 24,980 yen respectively (including tax for both models), will be both available at an attractive new RRP of 19,980 yen (including tax) starting February 28, 2013.

Equipped with a beautiful display, high performance CPU and GPU, a multi-touch pad on the rear and dual analog sticks, PS Vita has been strongly engaged to deliver users the ultimate immersive gaming experience since its debut in December 2011.

In an attempt to enhance its value for consumers, PS Vita has evolved not only by adding new color variations including cosmic red and sapphire blue, but also through a series of system software updates to support new features and offerings including the distribution of legendary PlayStation® titles and PlayStation®Plus (PS Plus), the subscription service package on PlayStation®Network. Moreover, by adopting 3G network connectivity, PS Vita enables infinite possibilities for users to connect with other PS Vita users. The new price starting February 28, will make the platform more accessible than ever and will appeal to wider audiences looking to buy the model best suitable for their own game play style.

With strong support from software developers and publishers, the worldwide cumulative number of software titles for the PS Vita system exceeds 100 titles and interactive digital content available on PlayStation®Store (PS Store) exceeds 1,500 content*1 as of Jan 31, 2013. In addition to this extensive software title line-up, exciting and attractive new titles are expected to be released from software developers and publishers as well as from SCE Worldwide Studios, including action hunting games which enable users to enjoy multiplayer mode with their friends such as PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 from SEGA Corporation, TOUKIDEN from TECMO KOEI GAMES Co., Ltd. and SOUL SACRIFICE from SCE. More titles are to be followed including SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS and OBORO MURAMASA from MarvelousAQL Inc., TALES OF HEARTS R and ONE PIECE KAIZOKU MUSOU2 from NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., and PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS 2013 from Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd..

Along with the new price introduction, the “PlayStation®Vita SOUL SACRIFICE PREMIUM EDITON” bundle pack, comprising a special PS Vita system, the SOUL SACRIFICE software title and a set of specially designed accessories will have a new RRP of 24,980 yen (including tax) from initially planned RRP of 29,980 yen for a limited offer starting March 7, 2013. SCEJ will vigorously expand the platform, along with various marketing campaigns which will start on the same day.

SCE will further accelerate the proliferation of PS Vita platform by delivering the world of entertainment that is only possible on PS Vita.

*1 Contents include downloadable dedicated software titles for PSP and PS which are available via PS Store on PS Vita.


<New RRP >

    Product name   Model   RRP (yen)   Product code
      Current   After Feb.28  
Basic model Crystal Black 3G/Wi-Fi and




  19,980 PCH-1100AB01
Crystal White PCH-1100AB02
Cosmic Red PCH-1100AB03
Sapphire Blue PCH-1100AB04
Special limited edition   Starter Pack   3G/Wi-Fi   29,980   19,980   PCHJ-10003
  32GB Bonus Pack     34,980   24,980   PCHJ-10005
  Ice silver   Wi-Fi     19,980   PCHJ-10007
  SOUL SACRIFICE PREMIUM EDITION     29,980   24,980   PCHJ-10006

F or more details about each special limited edition, please kindly refer to the relevant URL below. for Starter Pack for 32 GB Bonus Pack for Ice silver

<PlayStation®Vita SOUL SACRIFICE PREMIUM EDITION (for a limited offer) Product outline >

Product name   PlayStation®Vita SOUL SACRIFICE PREMIUM EDITION
Product code   PCHJ-10006
Release date   Mar 7, 2013
Recommended Retail Price   24,980 yen(including tax)
Included   ・PS Vita system with Wi-Fi connectivity ×1 SOUL SACRIFICE original model(body color :cosmic red)

・Software title SOUL SACRIFICE for PS Vita×1

・Memory card(4GB)×1

・Inner ear head set (cosmic red)×1

・Original pouch×1

・Original cloth×1

・Original strap×1

・USB cable×1

・AC adapter×1

・Battery code×1

・AR play cards set×1

・Printed materials×1

Note   For a limited offer

<Promotional campaigns>

Name   Torne™ PS Vita giveaway campaign
Application Period   Feb. 28- Mar. 13 in 2013
Outline   The application period extended until Mar. 13
Note   Available via PS Store on PS Vita
Name   PS Store debut campaign for PS Vita users
Application period   Feb. 28- Mar. 14 in 2013
Outline   For those who have downloaded content for the first time via PS Store on PS Vita during the

campaign, SCEJ will offer 200 yen PlayStation®Network (PSN) ticket.

Among them, 200 winners selected by lottery will win 2000 yen PSN ticket.

Note   Downloaded content include video and free content. This promotion is not applicable to those who have purchased via PS Store on PS3. PSN ticket will expire on Mar.31 (tentative)

Name   PS Plus 7 day giveaway campaign
Application Period   Feb. 28- Mar. 18 in 2013
Outline   For those who have applied for PS Plus via PS Store on PS Vita during the campaign, SCEJ

will offer PS plus 7 day free trial.

Note   Only users who have newly applied for PS Plus membership via PS Store on PS Vita are eligible for this campaign. Please apply from the “Special feature” page on PS Store to enjoy the campaign.

Current PS Plus members are kindly requested to refrain from applying.

This campaign is only available for once and may not be used concurrently with other campaigns or free tickets.

Those aged under 18 are not eligible to apply for PS Plus membership.


Name   Reader Store debut campaign
Application Period   Present to 5pm on Mar. 29, 2013
Outline   For those who have newly applied for Reader Store membership on PS Vita (device pairing),

SCEJ will offer 480 yen of Sony points which enable recipients to purchase attractive

e-books including color comics.

Note   Applicants are requested to create My Sony Club membership account. When applying, you are requested to provide certain personal information including name, address and telephone number.

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