zeebox Debuts SpotSynch: The World’s First Instant Clickable TV Ads

Revolutionary synchronized ad platform launches in US

LONDON & NEW YORK--()--zeebox today announces the launch of the world’s first automated advertising platform that delivers targeted digital ads on smartphones and tablets that are synchronized with linear TV spots.

SpotSynch allows advertisers to serve ads within the zeebox app at the same time as the advertiser’s spot appears on TV. It effectively creates an instant, personalized, interactive connection between any TV commercial and a consumer with a smartphone or tablet. zeebox and its strategic partners, Viacom and NBCUniversal, are working with the leading agencies and brands to develop the first synchronized ad campaigns.

SpotSynch is the instant call to action following a viewer’s exposure to a brand on TV,” says zeebox CEO Ernesto Schmitt, “The linear ad creates the demand, SpotSynch is the immediate path to engagement – cutting to zero the usual funnel from impression to action.”

SpotSynch works across all TV ads on all the broadcast networks and 120 national cable channels, and it does not require broadcasters or agencies to change the way they manage their TV advertising. zeebox detects ads on TV automatically, requiring no watermarking or similar technique. The consumer experience is magical, with a sleek rich media ad simply appearing in context with the ad airing on TV – no pressing of buttons, holding up the phone, matching up QR codes, or similar gimmicks.

Over 3.7 million consumers worldwide have downloaded the zeebox app to get more relevant content around their favorite shows and to join the social buzz around their favorite TV brands. Now, zeebox is extending this hyper-contextual experience to the advertising break. SpotSynch is live in the U.S. and the U.K., and will be rolled out in Australia in Q2.

SpotSynch is exactly what clients have been asking for. It will drive a unique and new level of engagement between their TV ads and the second screen,” said Scott Schiller, EVP, Digital Entertainment Ad Sales, NBCUniversal. “The technology offers marketers a whole host of opportunities to make their ads part of the social conversation, and we’re already seeing tremendous interest in the marketplace.”

Advertisers buying SpotSynch can leverage the interactive, contextual capabilities of zeebox to serve up not just a complementary display ad, but also to:

  • Extend the TV ad’s storyline through a seamless consumer experience on the second screen
  • Engage consumers with interactive competitions, sweepstakes or special offers
  • Deliver an instant purchase path for the advertised product
  • Exploit the latest rich media ad formats to enhance their TV messaging

SpotSynch ads appear within the LIVE STREAM area in zeebox, which presents users with a contextually relevant series of expanding panels and clickable tags relating to what's happening in the TV show they're watching. SpotSynch ads appear for the same duration as the corresponding TV ad and then retract to a clickable tag, allowing users to find and interact with the ad even after it has ended on TV, an important feature for advertisers.

SpotSynch integrates with DfP, Freewheel and other popular ad servers, allowing broadcasters and advertisers to create targeted, personalized, trackable ads delivered from their existing cross-platform ad serving and tracking systems.

By combining the best of TV advertising – reach, emotional engagement, ability to convey complex messages – with the power of digital advertising – personalization, accountability, analytics – SpotSynch delivers the holy grail promised by the convergence of TV and digital advertising.

Our audiences continue to drive the social TV phenomenon, and marketers want to reach those connected consumers in a way that’s impactful and integrated across screens,” said Jeff Lucas, Head of Sales, Music and Entertainment, Viacom Media Networks. “Through this partnership, we’re giving advertisers the opportunity to seamlessly plug into the social conversation around our content, and connect with highly engaged consumers.”

SpotSynch’s first campaign – during last week’s Super Bowl final – delivered unprecedented click-through rates on a display ad for Universal Studio’s Fast & Furious 6, which was displayed synchronously with the trailer that aired during the game.

A number of leading advertisers are preparing SpotSync campaigns, with several slated to launch in February.

The zeebox app is available for free on iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone and the web at zeebox.com.

About zeebox

zeebox is the new, social, interactive and immersive way to watch TV. It turns your smartphone, tablet or laptop into an interactive companion that enables consumers to engage with friends around TV shows, to buy what they see on screen, to remote control their TV, and to get more information about whatever program they’re watching including access to exclusive interactive content.

By partnering with zeebox, networks and content owners can augment their TV shows on the second screen, engage interactively with fans, and monetize this new medium in synch with live TV.

zeebox was founded in 2011 by former iPlayer CTO Anthony Rose and EMI executive Ernesto Schmitt. The company is headquartered in London with offices in New York and Sydney.


Jen Kavanagh, 646-590-1463


Jen Kavanagh, 646-590-1463