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'Collection' and 'Slideshow' Features Added to 'GOGGII' Photo Browsing Service for SNS Users

TOKYO--()--ForwardNetwork Co., Ltd. announces the addition of 'collection' and 'slideshow' features for their SNS photo browsing service 'GOGGII' (pronounced GO-GI).


Added features to the service: Add your favorite photos to 'collection'; use YouTube for background music (BGM).

The existing service, 'GOGGII View', allows users to browse photos from social network services like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, or Instagram, search and browse through photos from across the internet, and find videos and music from YouTube.

With the new service, 'GOGGII collection', users can create one comprehensive album to share GOGGII View's browsable photos collected from across the entire web, plus videos from sites such as YouTube.

You can select how you want to share the collections you create: choose to share only with your SNS friends, require a password, or share publicly for anyone to view.
Enjoy your collections as a photo slideshow along with YouTube.

Collection features

The Collection feature allows you to put the pictures you collect with GOGGII on display.
'Rotate' and 'shuffle' effects are included. The 'rotate' effect slowly rotates the photo in the browser window. When there are multiple YouTube videos in your collection, you can enjoy watching the motion of your photos while the videos or music successively play through.

Slideshow features

Watch a slideshow of photos from your collection. There is even a still-photo panning and zooming Ken Burns-style effect which can be selected to dynamically enhance your still photos. You can enjoy your slideshow in the browser while YouTube videos continue to play in the background.

** Give your friends the URL of your 'collection' or 'slideshow' and enjoy them together!


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Samples of GOGGII Collection

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How to use GOGGII


3.   Video introduction of GOGGII
-- How to use GOGGII View

-- How to create a GOGGII Collection


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Company profile

Company Name:   ForwardNetwork Co., Ltd.
Head office: Kokune Building 3F, 1-1-1 Otowa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0013
Representative: Kazuya Fujita, President
Established: April 2004
Business: Study and research of computer software development technologies, creation of various business applications, development of internet server-side software.


ForwardNetwork Co., Ltd.
Ayumu Takahara, +81-3-3946-8245
FAX: +81-3-3946-8246


ForwardNetwork Co., Ltd.
Ayumu Takahara, +81-3-3946-8245
FAX: +81-3-3946-8246