FooTalk: Make Time to Talk – International Survey Reveals Importance of Chatting to Friends and Family

Stay in contact and avoid hefty bills with new smartphone calling app, FooTalk

LONDON--()--New research out today proves the importance of a good old-fashioned chat. Even in this digital age of social media and texting, a survey of 3,500 adults across four continents commissioned by new smartphone calling app FooTalk, found that hearing someone’s voice is a far richer experience than simply seeing words on a screen.

The research threw up some intriguing findings, contradicting long-held stereotypical views. In the UK for example, the FooTalk research revealed that it is men rather than women who speak on the phone most.

Meanwhile in the US, it was found that men have a larger circle of friends abroad than women and spend twice as long on the phone as their female counterparts.

Relationship psychologist, Susan Quilliam, elaborates: “The classic joke is that it's the girls who are on the phone the most. But in reality it's the guys who are becoming bigger fans of phone conversations.

"If you talk to someone on the phone, you're fully focused on each other, minute to minute. Add that to the fact that calls are also fully and instantly responsive, immediate and interactive; and phone calls remain a great way of connecting with someone and sharing their ordinary daily life – even if they're far away.”

The India survey also found they had more friends and relatives living abroad than other nationalities, as well as being more likely to take advantage of new technology that aids keeping in touch.

Graeme Hutchinson, founding management team member of Virgin Mobile and co-founder of FooTalk said: “People are travelling the world for work and pleasure more than ever, so we often now boast a truly international group of friends. Therefore, we want and need ways to stay in touch with each other that are free or very low cost.”

“Facebook and Twitter might keep you abreast of your friends’ lives but there’s always more to be had from a conversation.”

FooTalk is a new app for iOS and Android that reduces the cost of making calls for smartphone users. It allows users to make free calls to friends and family who have the app, anywhere in the world, via Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G.

FooTalk also allows customers to call any number at extremely low rates. Whether calling abroad or avoiding expensive roaming charges while travelling or simply to call friends locally.


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About FooTalk:

FooTalk is a new app that will transform your smartphone into your single, low-cost option for keeping in touch with all your friends and family whether at home, at work, out and about or even travelling. FooTalk users can make free calls to other FooTalk users anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or mobile data. They can also benefit from huge savings on calls to mobiles and landlines, with a simple set of low cost call rates for both calling internationally and within your home country.

FooTalk is really easy-to-use, making it the natural alternative to making calls directly from your smartphone. The app integrates instantly with your smartphone’s address book, so you can see who else has the app and informs you when friends download the app. It works brilliantly on iOS and Android smartphones / devices, providing reliable connections and clear call quality over or 3G, 4G and LTE.

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FooTalk price comparison:

$USD (per minute) £GBP (per minute) €EUR (per minute)
Skype FooTalk Skype Footalk Skype FooTalk
Australia 2.3c 2.3c 1.4p 1.2p 2.2c 1.7c
Australia - Mob 20.8c 12.9c 11.8p 8p 19.3c 9.9c
Brazil 5.8c 3.3c 3.3p 2p 5.3c 2.5c
Brazil – Mob 22.1c 11.3c 12.6p 7p 20.6c 8.7c
Canada 2.3c 1.7c 1.4p 1p 2.2c 1.3c
Canada – Mob 2.3c 1.7c 1.4p 1p 2.2c 1.3c
China 2.3c 2c 1.4p 1.2p 2.2c 1.5c
China – Mob 2.3c 1.7c 1.4p 1p 2.2c 1.3c
India 9.2c 2.5c 4.7p 1.5p 7.9c 1.9c
India – Mob 9.2c 2.5c 4.7p 1.5p 7.9c 1.9c
Nigeria 17.5c 10.5c 9p 6.5p 11.5c 8.0c
Nigeria – Mob 25.8c 10.5c 14.8p 6.5p 24.2c 8.0c
Poland 2.3c 1.7c 1.4p 1p 2.2c 1.3c
Poland – Mob 25.5c 9.7c 14.5p 6p 23.9c 1.4c
Thailand 11.6c 2c 6.6p 1.2p 10.9c 1.5c
Thailand – Mob 11.6c 3.3c 6.6p 2p 10.9c 2.5c
UK 2.3c 1.7c 1.4p 1p 2.2c 1.3c
UK – Mob 25.9c 4.9c 14.9p 3p 24c 3.7c
USA 2.3c 1.7c 1.4p 1p 2.2c 1.3c
USA – Mob 2.3c 1.7c 1.4p 1p 2.2c 1.3c
All rates listed are per minute and correct as at 14 January 2013. Skype rates taken from Skype Pay As You Go rates. All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • One Poll conducted the research on behalf of FooTalk, surveying 3500 consumers


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Release Summary

New research out today proves the importance of a good old-fashioned chat. New low cost calling smartphone app FooTalk revealed that in the US, men have a larger circle of friends than women.


EML Wildfire
Kat Farminer / Ian McKee / Vicki Eltis / Andrew Hill
+44 208 408 8000