AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2013 Exhibitor Profiles


TOKYO--()--AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2013 takes place January 16 – 18, 2013 at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan.

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Listed below are the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2013 exhibitor profiles.

Company: ACR Co.,Ltd
Booth: East 6-39

ACR as a research and development enterprises, the main business projects have exhaust purification device development and manufacturing sales, the entrusted test evaluation and common development. Now, ACR use accumulated over the years of research and development, testing and evaluation technology as the foundation, proceed to "Green diesel generators equipped EV system "research and development, New energy, Global warming to prevent Environmental improvement as a cause of new development target.
This time, to show the Green diesel generators equipped EV system "diesel power system", "electrical driving system", "inverter system".

Company: Altera Japan, Ltd
Booth: East 15-42
Altera provides FPGA CPLD and ASIC custom logic solutions that shorten time to market, improve performance and productivity, and reduce system costs compared to traditional DSP, ASSP, and ASIC products.
With Altera's products, you can reduce system costs, improve reliability, and simplify design complexity to accelerate time to market to differentiate your automotive products, such as, driver assistance, infotainment, and electric vehicles.
In Altera booth, we will showcase the latest automotive driver assistance solution with our single FPGA which includes radar/camera sensor fusion system and high performance forward-looking stereo camera system.
Also we're proud to present world's first ARM Cortex dual A9 core embedded Cyclone V SoC FPGA evaluation board.
Company: CMET Inc.
Booth: EAST2-41

CMET Inc. is a pioneer of the stereolithography, and contributes greatly to the design and manufacturing of Japan. Our proposal is to save developing time and cost in various industries, such as a car, a household appliance, medical, and energy. We provide the large-sized machine "NRM-6000", the middle-sized machine "ATOMm-4000" (new release in January 2013), and the self-produced resin. Heat-resistant and transparent resin can be utilized for "Visualization", and it can be used as master model for mold casting.

Booth: East9-9
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Tokyo:4312

CYBERNET SYSTEMS is providing CAE software, Consulting and Education services with our experience and expertise over thirty years.
Our exhibition booth features best-in-class simulation technologies with ANSYS Multiphysics simulation software.
We will offer thermal fatigue analysis for solder joints on PCB in ECU and power module to improve reliability of car electronics components. We also offer structural analysis for composite materials to save weight of car.
Company: D&V Electronics Ltd.
Booth: E6-34

D&V Electronics of Toronto, Canada is a customer-focused organization that designs and manufactures electric powertrain testers, alternator and starter testers for endurance, laboratory and production testing. D&V's EPT products are leading-edge testers for the evaluation of HV/EV motors and controllers. These are test stands stemming from 15 years of automotive testing innovation and research. By leveraging their long standing testing experience with strong electrical engineering, D&V develops cost effective, best-in-class products to meet emerging hybrid powertrain test requirements. Recent OEM and Tier 1 customer successes in the hybrid arena can be credited to the EPT line of integrated test systems.

Booth: East7-40
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE:DAN

DANA is a global supplier of innovative and reliable battery cooling & fuel cell component. Mechanical assembly of cooling plate pairs inside the stack that will contain the battery elements. Coolant is used to cool lithium ion battery cells.Flow path designed to provide uniform temperature across plate.

Company: Dynacast (Singapore) Pte., Ltd.
Booth: E2-40
Dynacast is one of the biggest die-casting company, who has 20 branches in 16 countries to provide precision die-casting parts produced by Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium. We are going to establish our liaison Office in Japan on Feb-2013 to enhance our service for existing customers and developing new business in Japan.
Company: FUKUDA CO., LTD
Booth: EAST 7-13

FUKUDA CO., LTD will mark its 20th anniversary this year.
We are The comprehensive manufacturer of leak tester.
Leak tester is a machine to check for leaks.
Our product is used for the leaking test for an automatic portion and food pack, medical devices, etc. all over the world.
We not only sell leak tester but improve measurement environment, in order to do a safe and exact test.
We will be exhibiting various leak testers at the exhibition.

Company: Ioxus, Inc. / Power Systems Co., Ltd.
Booth: East 8-27
Ioxus and Power Systems are global suppliers of high power ultracapacitors with wide technologies and passions for developing most valuable ultracapacitors and its applications. Ultracapacitor is a new technology as high power energy storage and can be applied to start an engine stably and frequently even in low temperature with a long term use, to capture high power regeneration energy for better gas mileage, to assist acceleration power for an engine size optimization or EV/HEV/FCV performance improvement. Wireless handheld solutions can be also proposed with quick charging. Power Systems has better ultracapacitor experience with blue chip customers like GE, RICOH, Toshiba and Mitsubishi.
Booth: East 10-26
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TSE:3003
K.S. TERMINAL INC. is terminal company set in 1973. During the past 40 years KST is in accordance with the 5 managing philosophy: honesty, unity, quality, research and strive. Devote into rationalization, standardization, and automation, upgrade quality in all phases. Furthermore, implementing fully automatic AS/RS stocking system, integrated with production process distributing system and MIS system, enable to be faster and more flexible in offering the most satisfactory services to customers. Also to strengthen R&D abilities, continue inventing, expecting to achieve the final goal of "running enterprise Forever", make KST to be the world production center of electrical terminals, and professional manufacturer of 3C connectors, optical communication parts and components, precision connector.
Company: KOJIN.CO.LTD.
Booth: East 12-37
Our company is a specialty maker of insert molding products.
Every kind of industrial inverter, control module cases for a servo motor, substrates of power supply and control and cars, module cases for family, sensor cases, molding substrates are our favorite fields.
We manufacture a unique product by making full use of a patent of three-dimensionally insert molding method. Molding products by our creative design and structure of mold, original molding process are contributing to a reduction of value analysis price in various fields like industries, cars and public welfare.
Booth: E6-28
Based on 25 years of experiences of automotive heat exchanger manufacturing (air conditioning condenser), L.E.A. developed the next generation of heat sink with Al vapor chamber technology.
The innovative ALVC provides the advantages of lower cost, lighter weight, smaller size, 30% faster heat transfer, ECO friendly, flexible and reliable of heat sink to meet all thermal solution demands.
Our heat sinks could be easily applied and to meet the thermal solution for EV/HEV electronic components, IGBT, inverter, convertor, battery packs, high power LED, telecom devices, semiconductor devices…etc.
Please contact us for more details.
Company: LSIS Co., Ltd
Booth: East 7-37

LSIS's capability of developing and manufacturing xEV components is through business experience over 30 years with market share #1 in Korean power electric market.
Company: Mywayplus Corporation
Booth: E4-002

Our company being one of the first to manufacture and successful commercialization of "Motor Evaluation System" which is a testing device in the field of power electronics. As a pioneer in this area, we are continuously supporting hundreds of companies and educational institutions. All the skills and our experience are the core elements to implement it in the inverter and motor control technology, new and low consumption energy field. We are continuously contributing to the earth with "Environmentally Friendly Products".

Company: Nittoku Enginnering Co., LTD.
Booth: East 4-4
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: JASDAQ:6145
Nittoku Engineering is the top maker of automatic winding system. Our company has bases at many countries, and researches, develops and constructs winding machines, rewinding machines and peripherals into products for meeting various needs of customers who compete with world companies. We introduce not only motor winding machine, which is one of our core businesses, but also high-speed intermittent film conveyor and jet soldering machines. So we consider you will get creative innovation to your old and new business if you are manufacturing company. Please feel free to visit our booth and we hope to be helpful in your business.
Booth: 11-14
"New ideas in safe-driving" Being a pioneer in navigation technology and car DVR as a professional brand, PAPAGO, Inc. for years dedicates itself to promising drivers the most comfortable, the safest journeys when driving on the road. We put quality safety and service first. Such belief presents the achievement of PAPAGO, Inc. in driving technologies.
Company: PUES Corporation
Booth: EAST 7-33

PUES, a subsidiary of Tokyo R&D, corresponds to clients' needs from prototyping to mass production by implementing cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art methods in research, development, production and evaluation of electric drive systems and control systems for automotive application. We are also involved in the sales of various EV components such as; EV control unit "PUES VCU", intelligent Li-ion battery management units "BMU" & "BSU", original EV traction motors & inverters, isolation fault detector, and Swiss BRUSA battery chargers, to name a few in our display.

Company: Renesas Electronics Corporation
Booth: 14-40
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Tokyo:6723
As a specialist semiconductor manufacturer, operations are centered on three product categories worldwide—Microcontroller Units (MCUs), Analog and Power Devices, and System on Chips (SoC). Anchored by the MCU Business and its world-leading market share, Renesas Electronics is stepping up marketing efforts outside Japan and in emerging markets, eyeing business expansion in "Smart Society" applications and other growing fields to become a trustworthy partner, able to meet customer needs worldwide by offering highly competitive products and optimal solutions in a timely manner.
Renesas contributes to the realization of smart vehicles through introducing smart solutions of Renesas in this exhibition on theme of "Smart to the Core".
Company: Rohde & Schwarz Japan K.K.
Booth: EAST 12-001

For nearly 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision and innovation in all fields of wireless communications. The company is strategically based on four pillars: test and measurement, broadcasting, secure communications, radiomonitoring and radiolocation. This strategy enables the company to address diverse market segments, including the mobile radio and wireless communications industry, manufacturers of consumer and RF electronics equipment, mobile and broadcast network operators, studios and broadcasters, aerospace and defense industry, armed forces and government customers.
The Munich (Germany) based electronics group is among the world market leaders in all of its business fields. Rohde & Schwarz is the world's leading manufacturer of wireless communications and EMC test and measurement equipment, and of broadcasting and T&M equipment for digital terrestrial television.

Company: ROHM Co.,Ltd.


Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TOKYO/OSAKA:6963

ROHM will be unveiling a variety of new products geared for the EV/HEV and electrical/automotive markets, from the latest power devices such as SiC SBDs and full SiC power modules to beam-forming microphone ICs for car entertainment systems and sound processor ICs. Daily presentations by engineers will also be held. And in response to the needs and requests of our customers we will provide content designed to deepen customer interest and understanding.
Booth: East 11-38
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Osaka:6748

Seiwa Electric aims at EMC total solution supplier. We supply many EMC products answers any needs such as shielding, grounding and filtering. And we can help your research of elemental technology by evaluation of your products in our anechoic chamber and a proposal of counter measure.
We also exhibit visible evaluations of our new products such as Tough Core (rubber coating) and Shield Sleeve. Moreover, our LED products are exhibited in another booth.
We're looking forward to seeing you.

Company: Susumu Co., Ltd.
Booth: East15-33
Launched the world smallest 0805 size with 1W power rating & 4-terminal type of metal foil low resistance chip resistors.
Come and see our saving energy & high power resistors at Booth 15-33.

Exhibited products line-up.
1. KRL series (long-side terminals), Metal foil low resistance chip resistors
2. KRL series (short-side terminals), Metal foil low resistance chip resistors
3. RG series (Ultra-precision), Metal thin film chip resistors
4. RM series, Metal thin film resistore networks
5. RT series, Metal thin film trimmable chip resistors
Company: Telemotive AG
Booth: East 13-11
Telemotive AG is a datalogger specialist and the blue PiraT is de-facto standard of European market.
Company: TOACK Corporation
Booth: E12-14
TOACK is a company that manufacture and sale of equipment embedded stabilized power supply for rail vehicles, industrial communication, gizmos for disaster prevention, for electric power equipment.
In this exhibition, TOACK will exhibit the following three items.
1. "Nemurima-Sensor": An Innovative Product that Tries to Prevent Dozing-off at the Wheel.
2. "Nano-e Generating Unit" for Trucks and Buses.
3. "Typhon2": Anomaly detection logger unit the size of a business card.
Company: UIEvolution K.K.
Booth: East 12-20

UIEvolution provides the development kit of connected service for automotive. The "UIEngine for Automotive" package which some of major automotive company & car navigation system company adopted extends the possibility of the new car entertainment realized by car navigation system and smart phone.



AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is Asia's leading Exhibition & Conference for advanced automotive technologies – "Automotive Electronics", "EV & HEV", "Weight Reduction" and "Automotive IT (NEW)". Gathering the cutting-edge products/technologies from the technically-advanced market, Japan and around the world, the 2013 show is expected to attract 30,000 industry professionals.
At the co-held Technical Conference, leading companies such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, ROBERT BOSCH, DENSO, CONTINENTAL …etc. will speak out their latest strategies and future perspectives on the hot topics.

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