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--()--ASI has been developing leading point of sale (POS) software for the foodservice industry since 1987. With powerful and flexible solutions for table service, quick service, family dining, bars, and nightclubs, the Restaurant Manager POS system is designed to solve the real business problems hospitality professionals face everyday.

The Restaurant Manager POS system takes foodservice establishments to a new level of efficiency and profitability with powerful mobile solutions like the Write-On Handheld wireless POS solution for tableside ordering and payment on the iPad or iPod Touch, the RM Monitor remote management and reporting app, and fully integrated Online Ordering.

Most importantly, Restaurant Manager is sold, installed, and supported by a network of restaurant profitability specialists who craft truly customized solutions for the diverse needs of growing businesses.



ASI / Restaurant Manager POS

Headquarters Address:

1734 Elton Road, #219
Silver Spring, MD 20903

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Key Executives:

Direct of Sales and Marketing: Craig Bednarovsky

Managing Vice President: Lisa Wilson


Business Development


Mick Sexton





Release Summary

Learn about the Restaurant Manager POS solution for the foodservice industry. Restaurant Manager is powerful, flexible POS software that solves the real business problems of hospitality professionals.