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London: 6 December 2012 - ECR Minerals plc is pleased to draw attention to the news release made yesterday by THEMAC Resources Group Ltd (“THEMAC”). The full text of the release is provided below.

ECR owns approximately 19% of THEMAC’s issued share capital and has a fully diluted interest in THEMAC of approximately 21%. THEMAC is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange with the code MAC.

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THEMAC Initiates Exploration On Potential Gold Deposit Near Copper Flat Project

Vancouver, BC, December 6, 2012 - THEMAC Resources Group Limited (“THEMAC” or “the Company”) (TSX.V: MAC) today announced assay results from gold mineralization discovered within the old Andrews mining district, approximately one mile northeast of the Company’s 150 million tonne Copper Flat deposit in New Mexico, USA.

Exploration Highlights:

  • Gold/silver mineralization at Andrews with at least four persistent structures within the zone
  • Samples contain strongly anomalous gold values with values as great as 90.6 g/t and 76.3 g/t
  • 18 of 21 samples contain significant gold mineralization with only one sample below the limit of detection
  • Located one mile northeast of the Copper Flat deposit and within the Company’s claim block
  • Geophysical work has been initiated

“We are very excited by this new development at Copper Flat,” said Andre Douchane, CEO. “Historically, the district has produced over 500,000 ounces of gold from vein deposits and alluvial workings, but the focus of our work has been on the copper porphyry. The new Andrews prospect, one of several gold targets, offers the possibility of a significant new source of gold mineralization.”

Encouraging assay results from 21 select rock and grab samples collected during reconnaissance in the Andrews area have been received and summarized in the following table.

Sample #   Au ppb   Au g/t   Ag g/t   Cu ppm   Pb ppm   Zn ppm   As ppm   Bi ppm   Te ppm
CFRI-01   289   0.289   9.9   824   1390   1620   >1000.0   10.9   0.9
CFRI-02   136   0.136   2.2   121   867   170   151.0   6.7   0.5
CFRI-03   >3000   90.6   >150.0   9140   1060   1280   445.0   >1000.0   5.9
CFRI-04   >3000   20.8   8.2   986   3610   1650   >1000.0   209.0   5.6
CFRI-05   >3000   9.7   6.0   470   760   284   >1000.0   452.0   6.8
CFRI-06   341   0.341   1.5   17   263   319   61.3   16.1   0.7
CFRI-07   >3000   4.7   6.4   936   378   348   54.1   15.6   1.1
CFRI-08   >3000   11   15.9   1660   2680   492   >1000.0   772.0   0.9
CFRI-09   714   0.714   0.7   156   46.4   264   56.4   19.4   0.8
CFRI-10   2950   2.9   7.9   831   199   190   81.2   44.3   0.4
CFRI-11   >3000   76.3   >150   1.24%   4210   845   >1000.0   >1000.0   21.1
CFRI-12   >3000   16.8   23.0   1520   1090   633   >1000.0   509.0   12.8
CFRI-13   >3000   3.12   3.9   367   302   146   494.0   105.0   19.4
CFRI-14   >3000   5.18   23.3   844   756   421   958.0   >1000.0   16.9
CFRI-15   954   0.954   2.7   148   45   200   679.0   29.8   3.7
CFRI-16   >3000   16.8   12.1   842   179   121   99.3   998.0   1.8
CFRI-17   57   0.057   <0.1   146   30.7   63   52.2   18.6   0.2
CFRI-18   67   0.067   <0.1   107   38.1   119   379.0   10.5   0.6
CFRI-19   >3000   6.27   2.4   312   135   283   181.0   215.0   40.3
CFRI-20   2625   2.625   1.7   159   92   53   346.0   71.8   3.7
CFRI-21   <5   <.005   <0.1   41   28   49   108.0   4.0   0.1

Table 1: Andrews Area Assay Results

The above geochemical samples were analyzed by Skyline Laboratory located in Tucson, Arizona.

All of the samples were initially analyzed by a multi-element ICP, while the initial gold and silver values were determined by fire assay with an atomic absorption (AA) finish on a 30 g charge.

Gold values exceeding 3000 ppb were checked and confirmed using a fire assay with gravimetric finish on a 30 g charge.

The area of interest, which is very different mineralization from the Copper Flat deposit, is underlain by a sequence of andesitic volcanics resting on lower Paleozoic limestones and is cut by a broad (100 m-150 m wide) zone comprised of several narrow N50E- N60E trending steeply dipping mineralized structures. Due to surface exposures, the actual number of structures is not known, but based on reconnaissance mapping there appears to be at least four persistent structures within this zone. Individual structures tend to be 2.0’- 4.0’ (0.61 m- 1.22 m) wide and for the most part dip 75-80 degrees to the northwest. There are, however, a few segments of individual structures in which the dip is 75- 80 degrees to the southeast. The structures typically consist of bleached gouge and andesitic breccia fragments and fine quartz stockworks or sheeted quartz veining. At the surface, the vein material is typically limonite stained and locally quite gossanous and the vein material contains numerous pyrite molds.

As shown above, the assay results indicate that the select samples of vein material locally contain strongly anomalous gold values with values as great as 90.6 g/t in sample CFRI-03 and 76.3 g/t in sample CFRI- 11.

Additionally, it should be noted that the elevated gold values are associated with anomalous pathfinder elements (i.e. As > 1,000 ppm; Bi > 1,000 ppm, Te 40.3 ppm and Sb 50.9 ppm) that are commonly associated with gold mineralization.

Preparations are being made to undertake an initial core drilling program on the Andrews gold target during the summer of 2013. The company sees potential for a number of different gold targets within the area and is carrying out a geophysical program to better understand the prospect geology.

Technical information in this news release has been approved by Mr. Ray Irwin, P. Geo., and a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101.

About the Copper Flat Project

Copper Flat is a former producing mine located in Sierra County, State of New Mexico approximately 150 miles south of Albuquerque and 20 miles southwest of the town of Truth or Consequences.

Copper Flat is a porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit containing economically recoverable gold and silver mineralization hosted by a quartz monzonite stock which intrudes an andesitic volcanic complex. The Cretaceous (75 million years ago [Ma]) Copper Flat quartz monzonite hosts mineralization dominated by pyrite and chalcopyrite with subsidiary molybdenite. The mineralization is focused along intersecting northeast and northwest-trending faults, the intersection of which is associated with the host intrusive.

The project has an estimated $54 million benefit and financial savings from the civil infrastructure that is currently in place at Copper Flat including a tailings dam, largely pre-stripped open pit, power lines, water well field and pipeline, access roads, diversion channels and usable process building foundations. The Copper Flat land package comprises in excess of 1,200 hectares, and the deposit is located entirely on patented mining claims wholly-owned by THEMAC Resources Group.

Permitting for the return of the project to production is at an advanced stage, and a feasibility study is targeted for completion in March of 2013.

Preparations are being made to undertake an initial core drilling program on the Andrews gold target during the summer of 2013.

About THEMAC Resources Group Limited

THEMAC is a mining development company with a strong management team and as of May 18, 2011, acquired a 100% ownership interest in the Copper Flat copper-molybdenum-gold-silver project in New Mexico, USA. We are committed to bringing the closed copper mine, Copper Flat, in Sierra County, New Mexico back into production with innovation and a sustainable approach to mining development and production, local economic opportunities and the best reclamation practices for our unique environment.

The Company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (ticker: MAC) and has issued share capital of 74,117,622 common shares (fully diluted share capital 135,648,241).

For more information please visit or review the Company’s filings on SEDAR (

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The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except to the extent required by applicable laws.

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ECR’s Interest in THEMAC

ECR holds 14.35 million common shares and 14.35 million common share purchase warrants of THEMAC. All the warrants held by ECR are exercisable at C$0.28 per share; 3.85 million warrants are valid until 3 May 2013 and the remaining 10.5 million warrants are valid until 4 March 2016.

About ECR Minerals plc

ECR is a mineral development company with 100% ownership of the Sierra de las Minas gold project in La Rioja Province, Argentina; a 21% fully diluted stake in THEMAC Resources Group Ltd (TSX-V: MAC), which is focused on the development of the Copper Flat copper-molybdenum-gold-silver porphyry deposit in New Mexico, USA to production; and stakes in West Wits Mining Ltd (ASX: WWI) and Paniai Gold Ltd (unquoted), both of which have interests in the Derewo River alluvial gold mining and exploration project in Papua, Indonesia.

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