SocialVibe Delivers Better Results with Use of Video

Research finds SocialVibe Video and Video+ solutions deliver better results through deeper engagement

SocialVibe powered a CPV campaign that Deutsch L.A. ran for Emerald(R)Breakfast on the go!(TM), which resulted in 49 seconds average time spent per user, a 95 percent completion rate and a 15 point lift in brand favorability among women ages 25-34 years-old. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--SocialVibe, the pioneer in engagement advertising, today announced research findings that demonstrate their ability to achieve better results through deeper engagement by incorporating video into its ad units.

Research firm GfK and SocialVibe partnered to measure the branding effectiveness of SocialVibe-powered video views in CPV campaigns and found lift in four key areas:

  • Brand Awareness: 10.2 percentage point lift — a 52 percent increase over the control group
  • Brand Favorability: 13.3 percentage point lift for brands — a 93 percent increase over the control group
  • Purchase Consideration: 20 percentage point lift — a 53 percent increase over the control group
  • Purchase Intent: 12.1 percentage point lift — a 44 percent increase over the control group

According to the study, SocialVibe’s video product gave marketers significant brand lift and far outperformed industry averages for CPV-based campaigns. The solution, which is complementary to SocialVibe’s existing Cost per Engagement (CPE) offering, allows for video-only and video plus content functionality within the core SocialVibe engagement ad unit to deliver better results through deeper engagement.

SocialVibe’s CPV video ads help advertisers distribute their video content to more than 101 million monthly users across premium publisher sites with zero additional production cost. SocialVibe’s 750x500 ad unit supports multiple video formats — including YouTube — within a customizable, branded frame. Additionally, the unit allows brands to combine video with engaging content such as surveys, polls and games. SocialVibe’s CPV video solution is a powerful branding vehicle for marketers looking to ensure engaged video views for their content.

SocialVibe delivers campaigns on a true pay-for-performance model where brands only pay when a consumer willingly and actively engages — and prioritizes brand safety with transparent campaign placement and reporting. The company has secure, direct and dedicated publisher placements with reputable partners across a variety of content verticals and channels where consumers are most engaged. Unlike some video providers who may tout premium placement but then deliver brands’ video campaigns via questionable sites and third-party networks, remnant display ads and other low-quality distribution approaches, SocialVibe is a high-quality, trusted and dependable advertising partner for brands, agencies and publishers.

For brands that want to foster an even deeper engagement experience with additional rich media functionality and consumer interaction, the company offers its premier CPE solution. SocialVibe’s robust CPE product delivers an average of 60 seconds time spent, more than 80 percent completion and even more powerful lift in brand favorability, awareness and purchase intent when compared to industry averages.

“SocialVibe’s engagement offerings allow us to easily integrate existing brand assets to deliver impactful video campaigns. Consumers view video content in environments appropriate for our clients’ brands, and the powerful brand lift shows we’re effectively engaging our target audience in digital,” Kelly Clarke, digital associate media director at Deutsch L.A., who recently ran a CPV campaign for Emerald®Breakfast on the go!™

“Video has become such a powerful tool for advertisers and marketers; however, there’s a glut of video advertising online — short-form, long-form, pre-roll, social video, native, etc. With the SocialVibe solution, brands are able to combine video with additional content such as polls, surveys and games to create a truly unique experience and drive deeper engagement,” said John Capano, SocialVibe’s chief marketing officer.

SocialVibe combines the power of an extensive network of premium online and mobile partners, a large, 750x500 rich media ad unit and innovative new placements such as value exchange and interstitials to deliver proven results for brands and marketers. This combination is one of the most powerful in digital advertising, driving industry leading results such as five to 10 times the engagement of display, 60 seconds time spent, 80 percent-plus completion rates and more than 15 percent lift in key brand metrics such as consideration and purchase intent. Consumers spent more than 3.6 billion seconds engaging with SocialVibe-powered ads since 2011.

About SocialVibe

SocialVibe is a next-gen digital ad-tech company that powers engagement advertising for some of the world’s top brands. In today’s online landscape where consumer attention is hard to capture, SocialVibe’s interactive ads deliver better results through deeper engagement by delivering an improved consumer experience and more powerful brand interaction. As a pioneer and recognized leader in engagement marketing, SocialVibe enables advertisers to reach consumers where they are most passionately engaged across the web and mobile, including social, social gaming, content, music, video, Wi-Fi, travel and sports. SocialVibe is based in Los Angeles, Calif., with offices in New York, Chicago and London. For more information, visit or check out


Tiffany Leslie, 949-300-9089
Director of Marketing Communications

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SocialVibe Delivers Better Results with Use of Video. Research finds SocialVibe Video and Video+ solutions deliver better results through deeper engagement.


Tiffany Leslie, 949-300-9089
Director of Marketing Communications