Hubbell Lighting Recognized for Advancements to Art and Science of Lighting

Industry Leadership Underscored for Fifth Consecutive Year

GREENVILLE, S.C.--()--Hubbell Lighting, a market leader in lighting technology for over a century, leads the lighting fixture manufacturing industry again with 20 acceptances in the prestigious Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) 2012 Progress Report. 

“The importance of this cannot be over estimated as the IES is the only group in our industry reporting on significant advancements to the art and science of lighting annually, and we are honored that the IES recognizes our achievements,” said Scott Muse, President of Hubbell Lighting. 

Each year since 2008 Hubbell Lighting has had more acceptances in the IES Progress Report than any other domestic or international lighting fixture manufacturer. 

Hubbell Lighting serves the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential lighting markets. Its brands and products recognized for significance by IES include: 

Architectural Area Lighting

  • Parkway Square Wall Sconce: recognized as the only LED close-to-the-wall decorative sconce with three light distributions

Beacon Products

  • Alpha Floodlight: the highest efficacy for an LED floodlight in the past year
  • Viper: the highest efficacy an LED area light in the past year
  • Endura Parking: the highest efficacy for an LED parking fixture in the past year

Columbia Lighting

  • QR Code on Products: recognized for the first use of QR codes for traceability of components process within each specific fixture
  • Batwing Efficiency: the highest efficiency recessed fluorescent luminaire with batwing distribution on the market


  • EV2: the first indoor LED emergency unit to have a greater than 20’ spacing
  • EV0: the first outdoor LED emergency unit to have greater than 20’ spacing
  • LiteGear LG250: the only compact inverter to feedback if fixtures are not functioning correctly

Hubbell Building Automation

  • TALQ Consortium Membership: the first North American lighting fixture manufacturer to attain regular membership in this international alliance on exterior controls

Hubbell Industrial Lighting

  • Highest Efficacy LED Highbay: the first LED highbay fixture with an efficacy of 99 lumens per watt (LPW)

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting

  • RF48LUSK Retrofit Kit: the best uniformity for an LED roadway upgrade kit and highest LPW for the past year
  • DC Solar Driver: the first dimmable input and high power output for LED power supplies
  • LNC-9L: the highest efficacy and widest spacing for a compact architectural wall pack

Kim Lighting

  • Altitude: the highest lumen package in an area light for the past year (over 40,000 lumens)


  • D2 LED Wall Wash: the first LED wall wash to provide light to top of wall with light pipe optic
  • A2 LED: the first optic to use translating center beam optics with a 2” LED package

Spaulding Lighting

  • Cimarron LED ECL1PSE: Its B0 MLO bug rating is “the best in the industry”
  • Bollard LED retrofit kit: the first LED bollard retrofit kit in the industry

Thomas Research Products

  • 20K Amp Surge Protection: the highest level of surge protection available

In total lighting fixture manufacturers submitted 216 products for review and evaluation by the IES Progress Report Committee, which accepted 129 of those submittals for inclusion in the 2012 IES Progress Report.

About Hubbell Lighting:

Hubbell Lighting is one of the largest lighting fixture manufacturers in North America. The company provides a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting products serving the commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential markets. Hubbell Lighting brands include Alera Lighting, Architectural Area Lighting, Beacon Products, Columbia Lighting, Compass Products, Devine Lighting, Dual-Lite, HomeStyle Lighting, Hubbell Building Automation, Hubbell Industrial Lighting, Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, Kim Lighting, Kurt Versen, Prescolite, Progress Lighting, Security Lighting, Spaulding Lighting, Sportsliter Solutions, Sterner Lighting Systems, Thomasville Lighting, and Whiteway.


Hubbell Lighting
Ken Beale
Director, Marketing Services

Release Summary

Hubbell Lighting recognized for advancements to the art and science of lighting, with more acceptances in the IES Progress Report than any other lighting fixture manufacturer for fifth straight year.


Hubbell Lighting
Ken Beale
Director, Marketing Services