Patterson Index Looks at Which FTSE 100 CEOs Earned Their Pay

New analysis brings fresh thinking to executive pay debate

LONDON--()--A new Index, launched today, offers a fresh look at the extent to which top CEOs are providing real value to their shareholders for their pay. The Patterson Index, designed by Patterson Associates, the London office of independent U.S. remuneration advisors Pearl Meyer & Partners, gives Boards and remuneration committees a clear understanding of which companies are delivering on the pay-for-performance promise.

“The sound and fury of the executive pay debate in Britain has focused in large part on whether the steady overall rise in CEO pay levels is aligned with meaningful growth in shareholder value,” said Simon Patterson, managing director of Patterson Associates.

“The Patterson Index addresses the lack of a consistent framework that can be used to compare programme results among companies, eliminating the bias created by benchmark peer pay comparisons.”

Business Secretary Vince Cable has called the Patterson Index “a thought –provoking analysis” saying the idea of ranking CEOs against changes in shareholder value is consistent with the drive to stop rewarding executives for failure.

The Patterson Index is based on a straightforward metric applied to FTSE 100 companies: how much shareholders gained for every pound of pay taken home by the CEO over a four year period (2008-2012). This longer timeframe helps recognise longer term value creation and includes any pay deferred through longer vesting periods.

The Index reveals that the companies in the FTSE 100 with the best value chief executives over the past four years include Shell, HSBC, Glaxo Smith Kline and Vodafone.

Company     Value delivered for every £1 paid to CEO
Royal Dutch Shell     £3,631
HSBC Holdings     £2,828
Glaxo Smith Kline     £2,815
Vodafone     £2,754
Fresnillo     £1.928

Strikingly, the Index shows that 77% of comparable FTSE 100 companies deliver less than £1000 in shareholder value for every pound paid to their CEOs, Patterson said. “This ‘mediocre middle’ is the biggest barrier to progress in reforming executive pay in the UK,” Patterson said. “Companies that clump in this group tend to deliver ‘me-too’ incentive programmes that focus on similar performance metrics over similar time horizons – undermining the concept that CEO pay should drive the unique needs of each company.

“Thinking about what level of pay will provide a particular return to shareholders is a good starting point for remuneration committees in devising future reward schemes, Patterson. added. “The current tendency of companies to base programmes on what peer executives are paid,” he said, “is like driving a car by looking out the side view mirror.

“The Patterson Index can act as a simple rule of thumb guide to pay and performance, as well as providing a useful insight as to the future value CEOs must deliver if they are to justify their pay packages.”

Click here to download a copy of The Patterson Index.

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Release Summary

The Patterson Index takes a fresh look at the extent to which CEOs provide real value to their shareholders for their pay, and which companies are delivering on the pay-for-performance promise.


Fiona Davis-Coleman, Katherine Owen, Headland
Phone + 44 207 367 5222