Caregiver’s Psychic Ability Helps Clients Cope with Life and Death and Catapults Her Own Life-Saving 240-Pound Weight Loss

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Gail Trauco, RN, BSN-OCN ( was born a compassionate caregiver. Her psychic gifts, and clinical expertise as a registered nurse and an oncology certified nurse, enable her to bridge the worlds of medicine and mind-body-spirit healing.

ATLANTA--()--Gail Trauco, RN, BSN-OCN, ( was born a compassionate caregiver. She attests that angels have been on her shoulder, long before becoming an oncology certified nurse, and coming into contact with dying patients in cancer wards. Trauco’s psychic ability and clinical expertise have uniquely enabled her to bridge the worlds of medicine and mind-body-spirit healing, and cemented her position as one of the country’s most sought-after psychic mediums and grief mediators.

Raised in Foggy Bottom, NC, by her hardworking grandfather and her grandmother, an intuitive salt-of-the-earth healer, Trauco started seeing “spirits” at an early age. “I almost dropped my slop bucket the first time I encountered my great-grandpa, because I recognized him from photos and knew that he was dead,” she recalls. Trauco would meet her paternal great-grandfather, Cornelius “Pa” Hagwood, en route to feed hogs, chickens and livestock, before heading to school. According to Trauco, the family patriarch faithfully waited at the hog pen every morning to escort her across the vast acreage of the family farm—from the cornfields to the stables. He taught her to pull fodder from cornstalks, care for animals, and trust her gut. At the community Baptist church cemetery, chubby little Trauco would romp and run—struggling to keep up with Bonnie Blue Hagwood, a playful spirit who had died at the age of four.

Trauco’s young years were riddled with ridicule and abuse. She was made fun of for being “different.” Her feedsack dresses, childhood obesity, and misunderstood psychic gifts marked her as an outcast. She cites her “God-given psychic abilities” as the “internal GPS” that led her out of a life of poverty.

Trauco’s love and compassion for people ─ both living and dead ─ inspired her to volunteer as a candy striper at Wake Medical Center’s emergency room. After applying to one college, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Trauco was accepted into the nursing program. A prestigious stint followed at Duke University Cancer Center in Durham, NC, under Chief of Surgical Oncology, Dr. Hilliard Siegler. While working in the pioneering field of immunotherapy (today called “vaccine therapy”), Trauco discovered that she could make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families by calling on her amazing healing art. Throughout operating rooms and recovery rooms, Trauco’s ‘psychic third-eye’ brought a remarkable dimension to her ability to care for patients.

Trauco’s work with clinical trials and research at the state-of-the art Duke Cancer Center, led to a job with Glaxo Inc., a research based pharmaceutical and healthcare company and developer of disease-fighting medicines. As a Clinical Research Associate, Trauco swiftly moved up the corporate ladder; and, as she excelled, she realized that she was gaining weight just as rapidly. Trauco carried 220 pounds on her 5-foot-5-inch frame when she departed Glaxo Inc. in 1992. Scales tilted in excess of 300 pounds by 1996 when Trauco left contractor Dow Corning.

In May 1998, Trauco relocated to the Atlanta area and started her own small business, Peachtree Clinical Research, a full-service contract research organization that managed clinical trials for pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies. In December 2001, Peachtree Clinical Research was grossing approximately $1 million a year, with five full-time employees and 20 independent contractors. By then, her weight soared to 350 pounds. Trauco was too busy taking care of others to focus on her own needs. She’d purchased and renovated a farm in rural Fayetteville, GA, which provided office space for business and land for her horses. Trauco played “Mother Hen” to secretaries, regulatory assistants, a project manager, and the oldest of her three sons who accompanied her to work with a feeding tube, due to gastroparesis. Along the way, she utilized her power—channeling Spirits to advise clients on interpersonal and unresolved spiritual issues, not asking for personal compensation.

Edward R. Gehrke, President of ERG Clinical Consulting, Inc., vividly remembers how Trauco’s ability to connect with the spirit of his deceased son brought him comfort, following one of the darkest chapters of his life. Gehrke’s wife had lost her battle with breast cancer, leaving him with two sons. The youngest son, Steven, who was very close to his mother, committed suicide a few years later. “Through Gail Trauco’s unique gift we now know that Steven is safe and happy on the other side,” Gehrke affirms. There is no doubt in Gehrke’s mind that Trauco connected with his son. She identified objects that were special to Steven as a child, and revealed information that only he would have known. Trauco’s therapeutic channeling of messages from Steven to his father helped Gehrke realize that his son’s death was a personal choice. “People who seek help during the grieving process are able to cope,” Trauco says. “Those who internalize their feelings suffer healthwise.”

Ironically, Trauco did not realize the toll that personal stress had taken on her own health. Peachtree Clinical Research was forced to lay-off all employees in 2001 when two biotech companies defaulted on contracts. With the highly publicized collapse of her business, Trauco lost almost everything—4 houses, her car, and her marriage in a brutal divorce. “Nothing was left except my kids, dogs and horses,” she recaps. Weighting in at a hefty 400 pounds, Trauco says that the headline playing in her head read: “Fat White Trash CEO…Walked Over by Corporate America.”

Trauco recalls, “At the time of my maximum weight, everything in life was crumbling around me. I was a size 28; I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes; I had to sit at the end of the table. Hospital operating rooms couldn’t find scrubs to fit me.” Then, “Spirit,” one of Trauco’s angels, tapped her on her shoulder.

Spirit led Trauco to connections in Louisville, KY. In November 2001, Trauco became the first person in the Southeastern United States to undergo the controversial lapband placement surgery. The FDA had only approved the procedure in June 2001. The revolutionary operation was made possible when Trauco agreed to allow Louisville’s Norton Hospital to tape her surgery for promotional use.

“Spirit has a way of guiding you down a different path,” she says. After caring for patients and clients her entire life, self-care became the paramount issue. Praying and drawing on the strength from spiritual angels, Trauco began incorporating light exercise into her daily routine by walking her horses. When she was down to 250-pounds, she started riding again. Over a 2 year period, Trauco shed 100 pounds. Over the last 7-8 years, she lost a total of 240 pounds.

“Following Spirit down the road to personal weight loss and healing has taken me in a different direction ─ one to help others heal,” she says. “Weight loss has heightened my awareness of cellular health and physiology, which is essential to being an accurate medium.”

“In today’s stressful times, people consult psychics if their lives are troubled and they cannot navigate a path to the future because they are locked into pain of the past,” says Trauco. “I am not one of those soothsayers who gazes into a crystal ball. I help clients see the light at the end of the tunnel.” In response to the growing demand for life direction, Trauco offers services—ranging from Hypnotherapy to Spirit Trac™— that assist with weight loss, anxiety, depression, and traumatic life events.

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Gail Trauco, was born a compassionate caregiver. Her psychic gifts, and clinical expertise as an oncology certified nurse, enable her to bridge the worlds of medicine and mind-body-spirit healing.


The Write Publicist & Co.
Regina Lynch-Hudson, 770-998-9911