SlimGenics Launches Innovative WeighTMTM Kiosks as Part of Larger SlimGenics@Work Corporate Weight Loss Program

Kiosks Designed to Allow Participants to Engage in a Private Virtual Weight Loss Program, SlimGenics@Work, Without Leaving the Office

SlimGenics' new WeighTM kiosk (Photo: Business Wire)

DENVER--()--Denver-based SlimGenics Weight Control Centers, the leader in providing consumers with nutritionally based weight loss programs, today announced the launch of its new interactive kiosk, the WeighTMTM, which can be located on-site at companies nationwide and act as a virtual coach to employees trying to lose weight.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two thirds of all adults in this country are overweight or obese. Additionally, over the past three years studies show that overweight Americans are impacting corporate bottom lines even more dramatically than previously thought, due to increased health care costs, decreased productivity and absenteeism.

“Based on research conducted at Duke University, obesity among full-time employees costs U.S. employers $73.1 billion per year or up to $7,500 per employee,” said Katherine Ott, CEO of SlimGenics. “In response to this, SlimGenics has developed the WeighTM kiosk as well as our overall SlimGenics@Work corporate program to help companies reduce absenteeism, lower insurance premiums and increase productivity by helping their employees lose weight, while making healthy and lasting lifestyle changes.”

For qualifying companies choosing the WeighTM option, the kiosk can simply be installed on-site at any corporate location. Participating employees will be able to create confidential personal profiles on the kiosks, allowing them to set their goal weight and track their progress – all without leaving the office.

Upon their initial “visit” to a kiosk, participants will be asked to answer a brief profile in order to personalize their weight loss program. They will also set their goal weight and take a full-body photo. Each subsequent time that they check in via the kiosk, employees will have the opportunity to take additional photos and see a graph representing their weight loss progress. They will also receive interactive support, such as virtual badges to celebrate reaching weight loss milestones, which they can then share with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, participants in the WeighTM kiosk program can utilize one-on-one phone support from SlimGenics’ professional weight loss counselors if desired, and they can join SlimGenics’ exclusive online community.

The new kiosk is just one component of SlimGenics' overall SlimGenics@Work corporate weight loss program, which offers employers three ways to help their employees lose weight:

  • WeighTM kiosks (for companies with 300 on-site employees or more)
  • In-center assistance with one-on-one counseling (for companies in areas with SlimGenics Centers)
  • Online support (for employees working remotely or off-site)

“Through SlimGenics@Work, employers can now offer flexible and easy to follow weight loss programs to their employees,” continued Ott. “With the WeighTM and our other offerings, we can help employees go beyond counting points or eating pre-packaged meals to really learn how to safely lose weight while eating a healthy diet of real food.”

About SlimGenics Group, LLC.

Headquartered in Centennial, Colo., SlimGenics Group, LLC ( provides corporate and comprehensive weight loss programs that are professionally supervised for the safest results, nutritionally designed to develop proper eating habits and coupled with behavioral education for long-term success. SlimGenics operates in Colorado, Minnesota and California and supports a national customer base through its online and corporate weight loss programs. Since 2003, tens of thousands of participants have successfully lost weight and achieved a healthy weight with the SlimGenics program. For additional information on SlimGenics’ locations, programs, products and support services, please visit

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Release Summary

SlimGenics announces the launch of its new interactive kiosk, the WeighTM, which can be located on-site at companies nationwide and act as a virtual coach to employees trying to lose weight.


GroundFloor Media for SlimGenics
Amanda Brannum, 303-865-8143 or 214-682-8300