John Enright, Founder of 7 Figure Advisor, Says, “Two Words and a Piece of Paper Separate Good Financial Planners from Great Advisors”

SYRACUSE, N.Y.--()--According to John Enright, creator of the 7 Figure Advisor System, it is more important than ever before that consumers understand what separates the good planners from the great planners when it comes to creating a financial plan.

At his 7 Figure Advisor University, Enright explains the brilliance of using systems, processes and checklists to the financial planners who have come to learn how to take their already successful practices to the next level. A solid understanding of two simple words and being certain to always use checklists. He then explores how adding these three simple things to an advisors practice can increase client satisfaction enormously.

“Most advisors have heard of the book, The Checklist Manifesto, and are aware of Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program and know the value of both,” says Enright. “But few advisors are willing to invest the time to create the processes and establish the checklists. I want to have an impact on the industry by teaching advisors to utilize these wonderful tools and techniques.”

By utilizing these simple tools advisors will always ask the right questions, teach their clients important concepts and much more easily avoid making mistakes. The system brings out the best in every advisor and thus transforms very good and successful advisors into great advisors that create unique client experiences. The result is the ultimate win-win scenario. When clients have a great experience, they want to share that experience with others. When they share how wonderful their experience was with their advisor the odds are greatly increased that he or she will receive introductions to new prospects.

Kevin Best, a CFP® in Rochester, NY says, “I’ve been in the program for about a year and a half now and I have found this program to be absolutely fantastic…my clients have been extremely happy with it. They understand where they’re going. I understand where they’re going. It has been so much easier now …I’ve already exceeded by 50 percent the…fees from last year to this year alone.”

“I don’t believe there is a valid reason for not having a system today, a set of processes and checklists for each and every step of the planning process,” exclaims Enright. “Advisors can not control the ebs and flows of the stock market but they can definitely control the planning process and be the best financial architects of their clients dreams and goals.”

Mr. Enright teaches other successful advisors how to stop recreating the wheel by adding systems and processes to their planning practice using his 7 Figure Advisor System. Enright has been profiled in various publications including; July 2004 cover profile in The Wall Street Journal, named to the Four Under Forty of Advisor Today Magazine in June, 2006, and September/October, 2010 issue of Round Table Magazine.


John Enright, 315-263-3015

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Systems, Processes and Checklists benefit Financial Advisors, Financial Planners and their Clients.


John Enright, 315-263-3015