Breckenridge Residents, Visitors Enjoying Solar Payoff

Town of Breckenridge, Colorado, solar array (Photo: Business Wire)

DENVER--()--Half a year after its completion, a seven-site solar array distributed throughout Breckenridge, Colorado, has proven to be a valuable asset to the town’s many residents and tourists. Martifer Solar USA, Inc., the national solar contractor responsible for the 460-kilowatt system’s design and construction, reported today that the arrays have been consistently performing at an average of 10% above expectations since their commissioning in January.

“Both the Town Staff and Council are extremely proud of what we have achieved with this solar project,” stated Town of Breckenridge Financial Services Manager Brian Waldes. “We always knew that this project would work well for the Town in terms of energy and financial savings, but actually seeing it in action has been even more rewarding than we had hoped.”

Working with Breckenridge-based solar firm Innovative Energy, Martifer Solar USA built both rooftop and ground mounted arrays across Breckenridge maintenance, recreation, and law enforcement facilities. “In terms of local job creation, this was the ideal partnership,” stated Eric Westerhoff, President of Innovative Energy. “Combined with Martifer Solar’s global expertise and design experience, Innovative Energy’s high elevation expertise and local know-how were a true asset to Breckenridge’s solar efforts.”

Breckenridge Mayor Dr. John Warner credits the success of the system to the close collaboration among Martifer Solar USA, Innovative Energy, project financier Renewable Social Benefit Funds, and local officials and residents. “It was truly a group effort to customize the design, development, construction, and maintenance of these arrays to precisely fit the needs of Breckenridge,” he stated. “Even with challenges presented by our high alpine environment, we are excited that the system is performing above expectations.”

The project was structured as a Power Purchase Agreement, in which Renewable Social Benefit Funds covered 100% of installation costs and is responsible for system maintenance. The agreement thus eliminated any use of public funds for upfront or ongoing expenses. The town pays for the power generated at each site, at a rate lower than what they had been paying to their utility provider and well below projected rises in the price of fossil fuel over the lifetime of the system. The arrangement allowed Breckenridge to respond to citizens’ interest in creating a more sustainable community without adversely affecting its budget.

“Solar was a natural and profitable solution to Breckenridge’s energy needs,” stated Kent James, Chief Strategy Officer for Martifer Solar USA, Inc. “With the decision to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions, Breckenridge improved cash flow under tight budget conditions, promoted economic growth, and demonstrated ways of working towards sustainability without high capital investment.”

The system is expected to offset approximately one-tenth of the town’s total annual electricity consumption. The resulting taxpayer savings amount to nearly $1 million over 20 years. “Every minute the sun is shining, we are putting money back into our budget and offsetting dangerous greenhouse gas emissions,” remarked Mayor Warner. “We are protecting ourselves from climate change, which can affect the precious snowfalls that make Breckenridge such an attractive tourist destination and place to live. And that feels pretty good.”

About Martifer Solar USA, Inc. – Martifer Solar USA, Inc. (Martifer Solar USA) specializes in the design, engineering, and installation of solar photovoltaic systems. The company has been providing turnkey solar integration services in the United States market since 2001. Please visit

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About the Town of Breckenridge, Colorado – Breckenridge ( is a quaint Victorian town in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. The character of Breckenridge is ever evolving – from its rich, colorful past, established in 1859 as a small mining outpost, to one of the top mountain resort destinations in the world. Breckenridge balances its past and future, continually providing an unparalleled experience for residents and visitors as well as keeping an eye to its sustainable future.

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A seven-site solar array distributed throughout Breckenridge, Colorado, has proven to be a valuable asset to the town’s many residents and tourists. Martifer Solar USA served as project EPC.


Martifer Solar USA, Inc.
Clare Kirlin, 310-820-7080