Company Profile for B.E. Meyers & Company, Inc.

--()--B.E. Meyers is committed to providing best-in-class technology and performance to military, law enforcement, and security professionals. We innovate, develop, manufacture, and integrate quality optoelectronic and related products used in mission critical defense, intelligence and security applications. Our continuing mission is to deliver exceptional products that provide a decisive advantage to those serving in the line of duty. B.E. Meyers offers solutions for weapon aiming and illuminating systems, flash hiders, non-lethal visual disruption lasers, and lasers for OEM integration. Our products are used extensively throughout the military and law enforcement communities and include the renowned and battlefield proven:

-- GLARE® Escalation of force non-lethal lasers

-- IZLID® long range IR pointers and illumination lasers

-- DCL® large field-of-view weapon sights

B.E. Meyers is recognized as a world leader in optoelectronic technology, and we look forward to continuing our work to meet the needs of the nation’s warfighters, law enforcement and security professionals.



  B.E. Meyers & Company, Inc.

Headquarters Address:

9461 Willows Rd NE
Redmond, WA 98052

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Key Executives:

CEO: Greg Quarles

Founder: Brad Meyers


Public Relations


Jeff Bradbury





Release Summary

B.E. Meyers builds the renowned GLARE® Escalation of force non-lethal lasers, the IZLID® long range IR pointing and illumination lasers, and the DCL® large field-of-view weapon sights.