Smartphone Banking Capabilities Are Lacking, According to New Research from the Auriemma Consulting Group

LONDON--()--Smartphones are considered to be the singularly most engaging opportunity within the payment space, yet recent research by the Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) suggests that banks have not kept up with consumer demand for enhanced smartphone apps and capabilities.

51.6% of UK consumers currently own a smartphone, and strong growth is forecasted to continue, with ownership expected to increase by at least 16% over the next two years. Consumers primarily use desktop/laptops to access financial services information, because limited capabilities are available on smartphones (65% of desktop owners vs. 23% of smartphone owners use their device to access their financial services account). The difference in capabilities is evident when comparing consumer usage of banking features across devices.

Smartphone Financial Services Capabilities Accessed:

  • Smartphone banking capabilities with a high penetration rate: Review account balances, view a selection of recent transactions and pay bills
  • Smartphone banking capabilities with a low penetration rate: Transfer money between accounts and/or to others, review details across multiple accounts, review full view account history and redeem rewards

“Given the continued growth forecasted and high consumer usage and engagement with smartphones, the research clearly shows that there are gaps in smartphone banking capabilities”, said Mark Jackson, Director at ACG. “Improving smartphone offerings has become necessary for issuers to stay on-par with the competition, and maintain consumer loyalty and engagement over upcoming years. Particularly as the payments industry delivers on consumer demand for mobile payments”.


Behaviour of Device Owners who Access Banking Capabilities on their Device

Behaviour   Smartphone   Desktop
Reviewed account balances   69.2%   87.5%
Reviewed recent transactions   48.3%   71.6%
Transferred money between accounts   20.0%   52.5%
Paid bills   17.5%   48.3%
Redeemed rewards   6.7%   8.8%
Transferred money to others   18.3%   37.9%
Reviewed and compared account details across multiple accounts   6.7%   11.4%
Received SMS alerts   22.5%   3.4%
Obtained bank/ATM locations and hours   10.0%   2.4%
Obtained contact information   5.0%   4.5%

Demographics: Smartphone Owners vs. Overall Population

Demographic   Smartphone Owners   Overall Population
Average income   £32,548   £28,484
Average age (years)   39.2   43.8

*Overall population reflective of consumers that hold a payment method, and are 16 or older.


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Smartphone Banking Capabilities Are Lacking, According to New Research from the Auriemma Consulting Group


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