Jumptap June MobileSTAT Report: Mobile Clicks and Conversions Reveal New Patterns for Brand Effectiveness

Jumptap Finds Mobile Click Rates Alone Can be Strongly Misleading

CTR Compared to Conversion Rate via Jumptap (Graphic: Business Wire)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--In its newly released June MobileSTAT, Jumptap, the leader in targeted mobile advertising, revealed that high click-through rate (CTR) is not consistently an indicator of high conversion rate or purchase intent. Jumptap compared data from 10 major gaming advertisers in May and found that a campaign could have a very low CTR but a high conversion rate, or a high CTR and a low conversion rate. One advertiser generated a CTR 41 percent below average but pulled in an impressive click-to conversion rate of 231 percent above average. Another advertiser saw CTRs go through the roof at 177 percent above average but a click-to conversion rate that was 44 percent below average.

“While CTR is a widely used metric in both online and mobile advertising, it is at best a narrow predictor of success,” said Paran Johar, Chief Marketing Officer, Jumptap. “The most insightful advertisers consider all factors, including click-to conversion rates and brand metrics such as purchase intent, message recall, and brand performance, depending on their marketing objectives. Understanding an advertiser’s goals upfront and helping them achieve them is why we have such a high renewal rate on the Jumptap network.”

Separately, Jumptap looked at four major advertisers in the consumer product goods (CPG) and automotive industries, and compared campaign CTR to the lift they saw in purchase intent based on post-campaign brand research. In two prominent CPG case studies, the first advertiser saw a CTR 41 percent below average but purchase intent 48 percent above average. The second advertiser saw more linear results with a CTR 13 percent above average and purchase intent 12 percent above average. For the participating automotive advertisers, the results were much more dramatic. The first advertiser saw a CTR 59 percent below average and purchase intent 116 percent above average, while the second advertiser had a CTR 15 percent above average and purchase intent 46 percent above average.

Additional June MobileSTAT Findings:

  • Small Opening for Windows in Mobile: Some analysts are predicting that Windows will experience meteoric growth in mobile, jumping from 1.9 percent share in 2012 to 19.2 percent in 2016. Based on operating system market share trends in the past year, this seems unlikely. From 2009 to 2012 Android’s share of the mobile operating system market skyrocketed from 1.6 percent to 56.1 percent. Over the same period iOS rose steadily, RIM declined steadily, and Windows practically disappeared. Seventeen percentage points in less than four short years will most likely not be in the cards for Windows.
  • Sizing Up Android’s 900,000 Activations Per Day: This month Google announced that they’re achieving 900,000 Android daily activations. How large is that, exactly?
    • It’s more than double the number of iPhones sold per day (385,000 iPhones sold/day).
    • It’s an Android device for every word in the English language (900,000 words).
    • It’s like giving every new baby 2.5 android devices (365,000 births/day globally).
    • It’s very close to the number of PCs sold per day (roughly 977,000 sold/day).

MobileSTAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends) is a monthly glance into targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising through Jumptap’s network of over 20 billion impressions, 107 million U.S. users and 25,000 apps and websites. MobileSTAT contains analysis of dozens of terabytes of log data, powered by the scalable, efficient Jumptap technology. To download the full Jumptap MobileSTAT, click here.

Reporting Methodology

The Jumptap MobileSTAT reports mine large quantities of network data to identify targeting and audience trends. Jumptap uses proprietary algorithms to analyze and normalize this data. In some cases, when sufficient conditions are met, subsets of data may have been used as proxies to represent the overall network. Jumptap also sources data from third-party firms.

About Jumptap

Jumptap is the leader in targeted mobile advertising. Reaching 107 million mobile users in the U.S. and 156 million mobile users worldwide, Jumptap uses its extensive technology portfolio, as well as industry-first partnerships with third- party data providers, to understand mobile audiences better than any other ad network and provide intelligent targeting with scale. Through its large network of premium publishers and apps, and constant campaign optimization, Jumptap delivers the best ROI for advertisers and highest yield for publishers and developers. Jumptap has pioneered mobile advertising privacy standards and is committed to unlocking mobile opportunities for all parties through its ongoing industry research, such as its Understanding Mobile Audience series and monthly MobileSTAT report. Visit http://www.jumptap.com and http://www.jumptap.com/blog for more information; join our Facebook community, follow us on Twitter at @Jumptap and check out our latest ads at the Jumptap Ad Gallery http://www.jumptap.com/gallery.

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Christina Feeney, 617-301-4181

Release Summary

While CTR is a widely used metric in mobile ads, it is at best a narrow predictor of success. The most insightful advertisers consider all factors, including click-to conversion rates & brand metrics.


Christina Feeney, 617-301-4181