Dynamics Inc.’s Gamification of the $4 Trillion Payments Industry Disrupts E3 by Integrating Gaming into Everyday Purchases

Dynamics ePlate™ Developers Jersey Jack Pinball, Evil Genius, Avenue Social, and Social Cubix Publicly Unveil First-of-Their Kind Payments-Related Games

The Game By Evil Genius And Dynamics (Photo: Business Wire)

E3 Expo 2012

LOS ANGELES--()--Dynamics Inc., an innovator in next-generation payment devices, today at E3 expanded the world of gaming into the $4 trillion payments ecosystem with the introduction of its ePlate™ battery-powered credit card that allows game developers to integrate their games into a consumer’s everyday payment experience.

Users of the ePlate™ device can select, on their mobile phone or via their credit card bill statement, the game they want to play every time they make a purchase. At the point of sale, users press buttons on their ePlate™ credit cards to make choices related to the content and experience of the selected game. Dynamics provides game developers with 25 basis points (0.25%) of the value of any transaction that uses the game. Furthermore, Dynamics provides game developers with customer-approved purchase data so that a game can change based on the amount, location, and time of a purchase.

“The Dynamics ePlate™ developer ecosystem is innovating on our technology to open up new terrain for the gaming industry,” noted Jeff Mullen, Dynamics Inc. Founder & CEO. “At E3, Dynamics unveiled game partners that span online social games to mobile phone games to pinball games. The fact that every type of game segment is represented means that every type of player will find a unique gaming experience on the ePlate™ platform.”

Evil Genius Designs today unveiled the first playable version of Black Friday™: The Game. The game offers players different mini-games based on the type of store where a user made a purchase. The game then provides exclusive power-ups for the mini-games based on payment-specific factors, including the amount of the purchase. A player can then play the payments-initiated mini-game. The 25 basis points that Dynamics provides Evil Genius is used to provide the highest scoring gamers with valuable benefits such as statement credits. Accordingly, gamers can not only partake in exclusive game content, but can also use their gaming skills to earn benefits, such as statement credits, on their ePlate™ credit cards.

“We are excited to launch Black Friday™: The Game with Dynamics at its booth at E3,” noted Tracy Kobeda Brown, Evil Genius Designs CEO & Founder. “Integrating a game into payments is not only exhilarating, but it offers a game experience that gamers will find unique and enjoyable.”

Jersey Jack Pinball today debuted a playable version of its next-generation Wizard of Oz pinball machine. The Jersey Jack Pinball ePlate™ application gives users the ability to win an exclusive version of the game while simultaneously earning exclusive commemorative items and discounts.

“We are excited to be launching at E3 with our partners from Dynamics,” said Jack Guarnieri, CEO of Jersey Jack Pinball “With the ePlate™ system, anyone can experience pinball content with the push of a button during their everyday payments.”

Social Cubix unveiled Scavenger Shop™, which is a Facebook game that turns the entire payment infrastructure into a scavenger hunt. Different virtual objects are hidden in different stores. As a player makes purchases in real life, different objects are located to impact the game.

Avenue Social unveiled Adventure Shopping™, which is a Facebook game where players build storefronts in a virtual mall. As the user makes purchases in real life, different stores offer different gaming experiences based on the time, location, and amount of each purchase.

The ePlate™ device is as durable as a traditional payment card and will last over four years on a single battery charge. The technology does not require any change to the 60 million 1970s-era magnetic stripe readers or reeducation of its merchant base.

Dynamics is at booth #5536 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) from June 5 – 7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC).

About the Dynamics ePlate™ Payment Device

Dynamics' ePlate™ payment device is a paper-thin, flexible computing platform in a payment card format. The device includes the Electronic Stripe® -- the world's first fully card-programmable magnetic stripe. The Electronic Stripe® can be read at any existing point-of-sale (POS) magnetic stripe reader. The device includes two buttons – one for a first experience and one for a second experience. Based on which experience option was selected, the device changes the information on the Electronic Stripe™ to reflect the selected experience so the user can swipe the card in any store and enjoy the selected experience.

A user can change the experiences associated with the buttons on the ePlate™ device at any time. All a user has to do is use the Dynamics Experience Manager™ software through their favorite phone or accessible through their online banking account. The Experience Manager™ provides an ecosystem of experiences that can be assigned to the buttons on a user’s ePlate™ device.

The ePlate™ device is as durable as a traditional payment card and will last over three years on a single battery charge. The technology does not require any change to the 60 million 1970s-era magnetic stripe readers or reeducation of its merchant base.

About Evil Genius Designs

Evil Genius Designs Inc. was founded in 2009 as a spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center by Tracy Kobeda Brown, CEO and President. Evil Genius Designs is a boutique design group specializing in game creation and implementation, interactive experiences and brand engagement. The company’s flagship platform, Get in Line Games™, brings interactive crowd based gaming to venues such as amusement parks, sporting events, concerts, movies and interactive television. Selected in 2010 to the PepsiCo10, the company and its technology were recognized for its unique game platform at engaging crowds, acquiring customers and driving brand affinities. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, the company has worked with several Fortune 500 organizations to bring gaming to mobile, website and real world physical locations. Additional information on the company can be located at www.evilgeniusdesigns.com.

About Social Cubix

Social Cubix, a subsidiary of Cubix Labs, is a Facebook application development company that was launched in October 2008 by Udoka Mark Uzoka, CEO and Salman Lakhani the COO. Social Cubix helps the world’s top brands make sense of the world of social media by developing engaging applications and campaigns to deliver their brand message and connect with their fans online on multiple platforms.

Recognized as a premier social media agency, we help our clients understand, plan, execute, monitor and manage award winning social media campaigns that increase brand awareness and affinity while delivering measurable return on investment. Our game development unit has crafted robust multi-platform games that support millions of users online and on mobile devices. With specialty in 2.5D and 3D real-time, multi-player games, Social Cubix pushes the envelope of innovation and creativity in game development to different heights.

With our unique blend of our professionals’ expertise and experience, we aim to provide top shelf Facebook, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Web applications that could get through the milestone of having a vast audience in no time.

Social Cubix is part of the 80-employee Cubix Labs Inc. team and is headquartered in New York City, New York. More information about Social Cubix can be found on www.socialcubix.com

About AvenueSocial Inc.

With offices in five countries, AvenueSocial Inc. has developed more than 5,000 Facebook, Apple and Android applications and is the fastest-growing app company in the U.S. The company specializes in Facebook applications and fan pages, and also offers a variety of development and marketing services for other social platforms including MySpace, Twitter, and mobile. For more information, please visit www.avenuesocial.com

About Jersey Jack Pinball

Veteran arcade industry figure Jack Guarnieri has been in the amusement industry since 1975 when he began by servicing electro-mechanical pinball machines. Since then he has participated and led in all sides of the industry, from developing amusement centers, designing games, creating the online site PinballSales.com in 1999 and even bringing Shuffle Alley back to life with ShuffleAlley.com.

Jack writes a monthly column for industry-leading RePlay Magazine where Publisher Eddie Adlum penned him as "Jersey Jack". While Jack is known by many names, this one stuck and many customers advised Jack to put this name on the new Pinball Company.

Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. was founded because of a need that Jack saw in the industry for a premium, no-compromise pinball machine. Games built with passion and games that are fun to play which will become treasured for years to come. The first game that Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. will build is The Emerald City Limited Edition Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine, scheduled for release within the next few months.

About Dynamics Inc.

Dynamics Inc. was founded in 2007 by Jeff Mullen. Dynamics produces and manufactures intelligent powered payment cards and advanced payment platforms. The company has won many of the world's most prestigious international business plan competitions, including the Rice Business Plan Competition, Carnegie Mellon McGinnis Venture Competition and the University of San Francisco Business Plan Competition. The company won DEMOgod and the $1M People's Choice Award at DEMO Fall 2010, Best of Show at FinovateFall 2010, FinovateFall 2011, and FinovateEurope 2012, Best of Show at Cartes 2011, and Best of Show at BAI Retail Delivery 2011. Dynamics won Best in Show for Personal Electronics and Technology Honors at the 2012 International CES show. Dynamics investors include Adams Capital Management and Bain Capital Ventures. Dynamics is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa. For more information, visit: www.dynamicsinc.com

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Dynamics Inc.'s Gamification of the $4 Trillion Payments Industry Disrupts E3 by Integrating Gaming into Everyday Purchases


Edelman for Dynamics
Sarah Murray, 650-762-2971 (Media)