Analyst Who Warned Millions of the Crash of ‘08 at Age 22 Launches Website to Warn of Major New Bubbles

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.--()--Jesse Colombo, an independent financial analyst and investor who was called one of “The Ten People Who Predicted the Financial Meltdown” in 2008 by The Times of London when he was only twenty-two years old, is now warning of a whole new crop of extremely dangerous economic bubbles on his latest website, Jesse warned millions of people of the U.S. housing and banking bubble starting in early 2004 on his first website called “Stock Market Crash!” (, which became one of the most popular housing bubble-related websites of that time and was mentioned in a 2005 LA Times article for this reason.

The new bubble areas that Jesse is warning about are China, commodities, Canada, Australia, college (U.S.), healthcare (U.S.), emerging markets and social media and he has coined an acronym, “CCC Aches,” to help people remember them. According to Jesse, the expansion of the “CCC Aches” bubbles since the darkest days of the Great Recession is greatly responsible for creating the illusion of an economic recovery, including job creation and rising stock prices, in a phenomenon that he calls a “bubblecovery” or a bubble-driven economic recovery, similar to how the 2003-2007 housing bubble helped to lift the U.S. economy out of its post-Dotcom bubble doldrums.

While Jesse is aware that the “CCC Aches” bubbles may pop at any time, he also acknowledges the strong potential for these bubbles to grow far larger if ultimately fueled by the currently-idle trillions of dollars worth of currency that was recently created or “printed” as a part of central banks’ quantitative easing programs as well as central banks’ commitment to stimulating their economies via ultra-low interest rates.

Aside from a catastrophic escalation of the Eurozone crisis, Jesse believes that the “CCC Aches” bubbles face the greatest risk of popping when global central banks eventually embark on a path of monetary tightening in an effort to curb inflation. The popping of the “CCC Aches” bubbles will result in a global economic crisis that will be far worse than the Crash of 2008 and the Global Financial Crisis.

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Release Summary was launched to warn about growing economic bubbles such as the U.S. healthcare bubble and the U.S. college bubble and how they are creating the illusion of an economic recovery.