iPavement, the Intelligent Pavement with WiFi and Bluetooth

  • VÍA INTELIGENTE, pioneer in the manufacture of intelligent pavements, presents iPavement as a standard product that uses the street as a platform.
  • Its international presentation will take place in Dubai at The International Building & Construction Show, The Big 5.

MADRID, Spain--()--iPavement™ will be manufactured in Spain by VIA INTELIGENTE from June 2012. It will be the new generation of intelligent pavement, with an operative system, Apps and sensors will provide the streets with functionalities and communications for the city’s inhabitants.

iPavement, through VIACITIES OS, integrates services such as plans of cities and public transport, leisure, virtual libraries, business promotions, in addition to access to the Internet and information about the main events in the city. This is possible by using WiFi wireless technology and Bluetooth to send messages directly to mobile phones and tablets, in accordance with the “Intelligent Environments Pavement Standard.”

It has two formats – Classic and Accessible, the latter of which fulfils the regulation of universal accessibility, and is foot-sensitive (grooved) for the blind or the visually impaired.

iPavement’s main integrated Apps:




The library in the street


The first library in the pavement. The publication of local works, for the promotion of culture and the distribution of digital works.



A means to discover information of interest, with simply a click


Both tourists and the city’s inhabitants can use the catalogue on the map to discover the city’s key cultural sites of interest, patrimony, gastronomy



Music and more!


Music, concerts, local events, music books… all reproducible on mobile phones.



Commercial coupons in the zone


Products promotion by sending the ‘promotion coupon’ directly to the mobile phone.



Count and improve


Statistics concerning use, access, pedestrians and the occupation of public spaces.



Intelligent warnings via Bluetooth


Pavements in bad conditions, ice hazards, warnings about incidents… all the warnings necessary for the street to alert your mobile phone, e-mail, or the public-services.



Programmed messages via Bluetooth


Permits messages containing information for tourists, events and commercial publicity to be sent to the city’s inhabitants.


VIA INTELIGENTE has made alliances in Europe, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates for the commercialization of this international innovation.