SAS® LASR Analytic Server Speeds Big Data Decision Making

SAS in-memory architecture to span SAS Analytics offerings for verticals and more

SAS Global Forum

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--Responding to customer demand, SAS is extending the new SAS LASR Analytic Server across its portfolio. The leader in business analytics software and services is providing more organizations with rapid, accurate insight from their big data.

SAS LASR Analytic Server, part of the new SAS Visual Analytics, will be integrated with forthcoming versions of many SAS horizontal and industry-specific offerings. Providing in-memory versions addresses increasing needs to derive insights from masses of data and tackle complex questions in seconds instead of minutes or minutes instead of hours.

“The foundation of SAS software is market-leading analytics and a broad collection of algorithms developed over 36 years,” said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. “We’re moving all SAS algorithms to our in-memory server architecture so customers can benefit from its blazing speed and game-changing results.

“Fast insight from critical data yields opportunities that otherwise might slip away before organizations can take advantage,” said Goodnight.

Among the SAS products already available in lightning-fast, in-memory versions are risk management, retail planning and retail markdown optimization. In-memory applications to come are regular price optimization for retail, retail forecasting, promotional price optimization for retail, marketing optimization and others.

“Businesses experiencing growth understand the need for more data. High-performance analytics turns data into valuable information. Even if you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, high-performance analytics gets to it quicker, shrinking a 96-hour process down to four hours. Having a dramatic impact on output is the real ROI for a credit card issuer like us,” said Rex Pruitt, Premier Bankcard’s Manager of MIS Profitability and Risk Requirements.

Organizations worldwide are anxious to unlock the value of big data. A recent SAS-sponsored big data study predicted data assets in the UK will be worth GBP 216 billion (US$346 billion) by 2017 and create 58,000 new jobs. The Centre for Economics and Business Research based its forecast on expected increases in business creation, efficiency and innovation.

Specific solutions

Fast analytics is not an end in itself. It must be applied in a way that brings tangible results to organizations. With high-performance analytics from SAS, organizations can efficiently mine data for insights to drive new strategies for customer acquisition, customer retention, campaign optimization, and next-best offers.

SAS offers prebuilt analytic solutions for 17 industries and 16 cross-industry areas. For many, the speed of in-memory analytics provides significant competitive advantage. Industries include banking, retail, health care, insurance, pharma, government, communications, hospitality and more. SAS cross-industry technologies include marketing optimization, risk management, performance management, anti-fraud and more.

“Enterprises have accumulated, and continue to grow, massive data assets. There is tremendous potential value in that data if it can be analyzed and delivered in a timely way. SAS LASR Analytic Server can speed analysis, increase analytic productivity and improve decision making,” said James Taylor, industry analyst and CEO of Decision Management Solutions.

For example, analyzing risk in a global bank’s investment portfolio – more than a billion rows of data – could take a full day on traditional computing architecture. SAS with in-memory analytics could slash that to minutes. The bank can run complex analyses many times daily, alerting managers before risk exposure becomes excessive, enabling them to precisely allocate capital to maintain adequate reserves and fund business units.

Premier Bankcard evaluates each card application for potential fraud. “High-performance analytics, coupled with the ability to score every record and feed it into the system electronically, can identify fraud faster and more accurately, reducing loss and creating better customers. The bottom-line impact of high-performance analytics is improved profitability either through reduced cost or improved revenue,” said Pruitt.

A marketing organization can employ the speed of in-memory analytics within its integrated marketing management process to perform multiple what-if scenarios with entire data sets, adjusting for factors such as budget and customer segmentation to quickly find the precise marketing mix to boost revenues, response rates and customer advocacy.

SAS® LASR™ stands alone

Running on industry-standard blade servers, SAS LASR Analytic Server quickly reads data into memory for fast processing where the data becomes available for visualization. SAS LASR is free of the limitations of most relational database systems. As with all SAS technology, it works with all commonly used data structures.

Users can explore all data, execute analytic correlations on billions of rows of data in just minutes or seconds, and visually present results. This helps them identify patterns, trends and relationships in data that were not evident before.

Today's announcement was made at SAS Global Forum, the world's largest gathering of SAS users, attended by more than 3,400 business and IT users of SAS software and solutions.

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Responding to customer demand, SAS is extending the new SAS LASR Analytic Server across its portfolio.


Steve Polilli, 919-531-2979