Leading Technology Companies Support Formation of OpenStack Foundation

AT&T, Canonical, HP, IBM, Nebula, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE and eleven other companies make early commitments to participate based on published Framework

SAN ANTONIO--()--Today nineteen leading technology companies announced their plans to become Platinum or Gold members of the OpenStack® Foundation, an independent and long-term home for OpenStack, the open source cloud operating system. AT&T, Canonical, HP, IBM, Nebula, Rackspace, Red Hat, and SUSE have indicated their intent to join the foundation as Platinum Members, and Cisco, ClearPath Networks, Cloudscaling, Dell, DreamHost, ITRI, Mirantis, Morphlabs, NetApp, Piston Cloud Computing and Yahoo! as Gold Members based on the principles outlined in the published mission and framework.

These industry leaders, through their intent to become members of the Foundation, plan to provide technical and financial resources to ensure the long-term viability of the project, further accelerating open innovation and adoption of OpenStack. Each of the companies were active contributors to the most recent release of OpenStack, have expressed their belief in the open development process for OpenStack software, and have expressed or executed corporate strategies that align with OpenStack’s mission.

The OpenStack Foundation will be an independent body providing shared resources to help achieve the OpenStack mission by protecting, empowering, and promoting OpenStack software and the community around it, including users, developers and the entire ecosystem. The companies involved in its formation are committed to the “OpenStack Way”: an open development process for OpenStack software that is driven by a technical meritocracy, supported by significant investments in community building and a focus on driving adoption. The process for finalizing the foundation documents will be open to all members of the community, with the initial committed companies providing legal support to aid in the drafting process.

“In less than two years, we’ve had five software releases from hundreds of contributors from more than 50 companies, and the cloud operating system has grown from two core projects to five core projects across compute, storage and networking,” said Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack Project Policy Board and co-founder Rackspace Cloud. “The formation of a Foundation is about preserving and accelerating what's working and moving the community building activities to a neutral long-term home with a broad base of support.”

The next step in the Foundation building process is to form a drafting committee with the legal help of committed Platinum and Gold members, who will write the detailed Bylaws based on the published framework, and will publish drafts for community review. The goal is to reach a final draft for ratification by the Rackspace Board and the OpenStack community by Q3-2012.

In addition to Platinum and Gold membership, the OpenStack Foundation will also be open to Individual Members for free. There are also multiple ways to get involved in the Foundation or influence the project that do not involve monetary support, for more information please visit http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Foundation/.

Quotes from Committed Organizations

Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder and VP Product Strategy at Canonical:

"Ubuntu and OpenStack share key values: high quality governance, a focus on computing at scale, reliable schedules and robust releases. The success of OpenStack depends on the quality of its leadership, and we are delighted to support the OpenStack Foundation as a forum for that leadership."

Cliff Young, CEO, ClearPath Networks:

“ClearPath has long been working with OpenStack to build an open cloud platform based on open standards. We are very proud to be associated with this formative project. OpenStack will be leveraged as a standard foundational element for the creation of not just public and private clouds, but dynamic virtual private clouds and the inter-cloud of the future. In our shared vision, the future to the cloud is through open standards. ClearPath is committed to this future for the betterment of service providers, enterprises, and their users.”

Randy Bias, co-founder & CTO, Cloudscaling:

"The OpenStack Foundation is the next step in OpenStack's journey as the fastest growing project in open source history. Rackspace has been a tremendous steward of the project, and in this role they have guided OpenStack toward greater success. Rackspace and the entire OpenStack community know that the formation of the OpenStack Foundation is the correct next step to move the mantle of leadership to the community itself. We are thrilled to see the Foundation come to life."

Forrest Norrod, VP & GM of Dell Server Platforms:

“We believe the OpenStack Foundation is a significant step in the evolution of the OpenStack initiative and for open source cloud innovation. Dell has always been about open – open standards, systems and solutions to promote innovation and give our customers choice. We look forward to participating in the OpenStack Foundation as part of our continued efforts to empower and grow the open source cloud ecosystem.”

Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost:

"DreamHost has built its web and app hosting business on open source principles and software. From Linux to WordPress to Ceph to OpenStack, we believe that open source is the best foundation for innovation on a global scale. The formation of the OpenStack Foundation will enable the contributions of all developers to the OpenStack cloud platform - now and in future - to be nurtured, protected, and empower the next generation of cloud services worldwide."

Zorawar ‘Biri’ Singh, Senior VP and General Manager, HP Cloud Services:

“OpenStack is a core element to the HP Converged Cloud strategy and is fundamental to enabling a hybrid delivery set of solutions across private, managed and public clouds. We are collaborating with other Foundation members to accelerate the deployments of OpenStack technology, and provide progressive, open tools for developers, partners and businesses of all sizes.”

Angel Diaz, vice president, IBM Software Standards:

“IBM has a long history of supporting standards and open source initiatives, and believes that cloud standards should be user-driven, based on real world client needs. We will be a platinum sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation and will leverage our extensive client experience and SmartCloud offerings in support of this initiative. The adoption of cloud standards should be a top priority for the industry so that end-users will not have to fear vendor lock-in and can participate in a growing market of cloud providers.”

Dr. Tzi-Cker Chiueh, general director, Cloud Computing Center for Mobile Applications (CCMA), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI):

“ITRI CCMA is pleased to announce its participation commitment for the preparation of the OpenStack Foundation. We intend to promote the ’OpenStack way’ in the Asia-Pacific region with the goal of moving the global ecosystem toward long-term success.”

Boris Renski, co-founder and executive vice president at Mirantis:

“We see the application infrastructure industry to be increasingly driven by a combination of services and open software, rather than closed, proprietary solutions. The explosive rate of adoption of OpenStack is an example of this trend. At Mirantis, we are fully committed to continue contributing to OpenStack and helping organizations take advantage of the light-speed innovation taking place in this open community.”

Winston Damarillo, CEO Morphlabs and former Board Member of the Eclipse Foundation:

"OpenStack provides a needed base for the entire cloud computing ecosystem to deliver innovative products that will further accelerate the adoption of cloud infrastructure. The creation of the OpenStack Foundation demonstrates a clear intent to ensure a sustainable future for the core technology. Morphlabs has a track record of leveraging the best open source building blocks to deliver mission-critical cloud products reliably, and we look forward to contributing our experience and leadership to the community.”

Chris C. Kemp, CEO, Nebula:

"Establishing an effective governance structure is critical to the success of any collaborative project with the magnitude and potential of OpenStack. This is an incredible milestone which will further accelerate and promote the growth of the OpenStack ecosystem."

Val Bercovici, Cloud Czar, Office of the CTO for NetApp:

“NetApp has a long history of open source contribution, support and community involvement. We are excited to continue in that tradition as part of the OpenStack Foundation. We believe the breadth and depth of the OpenStack community will drive widespread adoption of industry leading open cloud services. By expanding OpenStack storage capabilities with natively integrated NetApp technology, users will be able to build on a storage foundation that delivers elastic, flexible and efficient storage and data management functionality essential for the delivery of sustainable clouds.”

Josh McKenty, co-founder & CEO, Piston Cloud Computing:

“Rackspace has done an incredible job shepherding this open source project from its inception and has empowered the broader OpenStack community to take responsibility for seeing this project through the last two years. Members of the Piston Cloud team have also been there since the beginning and we are thrilled to continue working with our fellow foundation members to drive OpenStack adoption and development forward and contribute to its success.”

Jim Curry, general manager of Rackspace Cloud Builders:

"The growth of the OpenStack community has been exciting to watch, and we are proud to see the formation of the OpenStack Foundation. As a platinum member, Rackspace will continue to be involved by creating products powered by OpenStack, helping customers implement OpenStack Clouds and donating code to OpenStack. We look forward to increasing our collaboration with the OpenStack Foundation member companies as we make OpenStack the open source cloud software of choice."

Brian Stevens, CTO and VP of Worldwide Engineering at Red Hat:

"OpenStack's new foundation governance model enables the expansion of an open and broad leadership community around its technology that aligns with the open and collaborative principles that are core to Red Hat. With Red Hat's goal to provide customers with the technology and capabilities to build open hybrid clouds, our participation in OpenStack complements our portfolio and approach well. We are excited to further extend our participation in the OpenStack community as a Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation."

Michael Miller, VP of Global Alliances & Marketing, SUSE:

"As an open source software pioneer, SUSE is committed to building collaborative communities that deliver meaningful innovation for enterprises worldwide. The creation of an OpenStack Foundation will ensure the long-term viability of the project and the philosophy of openness that is essential to its rapid growth and success. SUSE is proud to be part of the foundation drafting process and to support OpenStack as a Platinum member."

Sean Roberts, Infrastructure Strategy, Yahoo!:

"Continuing Yahoo's strong support of open source, Yahoo is developing OpenStack for our infrastructure. We believe this emerging technology will allow Yahoo to increase our competitive infrastructure advantage. To facilitate the long term stability and new features that Yahoo and the rest of the OpenStack collaborators want and crave, Yahoo will continue to support and nurture the OpenStack foundation into the future."

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Leading Technology Companies Support Formation of OpenStack Foundation


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