New Worldwide Social Network Launches in Beta with 20,000 Users and Companion iPhone, iPad and Android Apps

Combines Social Networking with 3D Virtual Environments for Individuals and Organizations

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Cafe4tune (, a new social network which allows individuals and organizations worldwide to interact in virtual, 2D and 3D web environments, launches today in Beta with companion iPhone, iPad or Android apps. Since Cafe4tune was first introduced in 2011, more than 20,000 new members in 35 countries - at an average rate of 500 new members per day - have registered for the Cafe4tune social network. A video demonstration of Cafe4tune is available at Cafe4tune is a free service, and a Premium content version will be available by subscription at a later date.

Co-founder and CEO Artases Oikonomidis believes that Cafe4tune is on the verge of a new revolution in social networking and in the world of social engagement. “With the integrated tools available on Cafe4tune – specifically the interaction between video, audio and text - each and every consumer and business user can improve their level of engagement with the world around them. As the site expands, our goal is to give visitors the ability to find almost everything that would interest them available in 3D, interactive environments.”

Cafe4tune provides individuals and organizations with the following:

  • A global social network – current members are on the network in 35 countries
  • A 3D environment to interact in a virtual world
  • Appeal to both organizations and individual members. Individuals, organizations and special interest groups can represent themselves in a 3D environment, allowing users to move from a virtual world to a social network.
  • Cafés – Individuals or member organizations can join cafes, otherwise known as groups, which are organized by interest, theme, topic, or business.
  • Communication options - For example, while at a café, users can choose to communicate with other members in the more traditional 2D environment using either live chat or text messaging, or with the assistance of 3D video and audio tools built into the network, take online social networking and connection-building to a new level.
  • A wide range of resources for entertainment and thematic communication – Cafe4tune features the ability for users to play multi-player games such as poker, chess and many of today’s popular games, all allowing direct video and audio chat between or among the players.
  • Integrated web audio and live video streaming functionality for every user
  • The ability for users to set and manage their own privacy levels right upon the very first activation
  • A low-cost, high impact way for businesses, organizations, special interest groups and individuals to create 3D environments or “virtual premises” to showcase and sell products and Cafe4tune can demonstrate use cases across a variety of industries:
  • Galleries and artists can show their work.
  • Live broadcasts of Broadway shows in a 3D theatre environment
  • Businesses can promote their brands in 3D environments
  • Universities can conduct tours for prospective applicants
  • Exhibition halls, sporting arenas and event venues can be shown to meeting planners and attendees.
  • Special interest groups can set up a virtual environment for communication on a certain topic, need or cause.
  • Ability to create forums and polls for real-time user feedback
  • Users can listen to business meetings, conventions or live concerts according to their taste and preferences.
  • Cafe4tune’s search functionality allows each user to find broadcasts by genre and theme, and live-streams can be recorded and watched later.

About Cafe4tune

Cafe4tune, (, founded in 2011, is a free social networking site that offers users new ways of interacting in 3D virtual environments with other users from all over the world. Within Cafe4tune, there are “Cafés” or virtual spaces designed and customized according to each user or organization’s interests. In each café, users broadcast whatever they like (video messages, concerts, breaking news, celebrities, sports etc), and can also chat (using text and/or video) with other users. Cafe4tune also allows members to create an individual forum or conversation thread, as well as polls, images or video. Cafe4tune is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. Visit Cafe4tune on the web at Download the Cafe4tune app on iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Follow @Cafe4tune on Twitter for news and developments.


Technology for Cafe4tune
Alison Minaglia, 917-902-3404

Release Summary

Cafe4tune (, a new social network which allows individuals and organizations worldwide to interact in virtual, 2D and 3D web environments, launches today in Beta


Technology for Cafe4tune
Alison Minaglia, 917-902-3404