P&F USA Awarded ENERGY STAR’s 2012 Most Efficient Designation for Philips LED Displays

Delivering Philips’ high performance, MediaConnect, and Wi-Fi in the most energy efficient package

ATLANTA--()--P&F USA today announced it was awarded the coveted 2012 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Designation for several Philips LED televisions (26PFL4907, 26PFL4507, 32PFL4907 and 32PFL4507). The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2012 designation recognizes the most efficient products among those that qualify for the ENERGY STAR. These exceptional televisions represent the leading edge in energy efficient products this year.

“Philips has a long history in developing energy saving programs, from its SimpleSwitch campaign designed to help consumers find ways to reduce their energy consumption to energy saving TVs that still give consumers the premium features they demand while lowering their energy bill,” said Todd Richardson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for P&F, exclusive licensee for Philips consumer televisions and home theaters in North America. “We constantly strive to improve our 'green' factor in our sets and are honored to be recognized by ENERGY STAR for our energy efficient LED TVs.”

Greener Every Day

Philips’ design process aims to create televisions that are increasingly eco-friendly and make it simple for consumers to reduce their impact on the environment. For example, these new 4000 series LED televisions meet the most recent ENERGY STAR 5.3 criteria and feature dimming technology that reduces power consumption without compromising the picture quality. A built-in ambient light sensor automatically measures the viewing room’s ambient lighting and adjusts the television’s backlight for power efficiency.

In addition to Philips’ focus on energy efficiency, Philips considers the entire product lifecycle in the design process. These sets meet the latest RoHS requirements for chemical content and are designed to minimize their overall footprint in the supply chain. This up-front focus on product and packaging size means less material used in manufacturing, less waste at end of life and more efficient overall product shipping, which means a smaller carbon footprint from shipping. Furthermore, the packing and printed materials contain post consumer recycled content. All these steps make an impact, while continuing to deliver distinctive style and best in class picture quality.

Limitless Options

Delivering on Sense and Simplicity, the 4907 series puts the consumer in the driver seat, giving them the control to watch what they want, when they want to watch it with a click of a button. The 32PFL4907 and 26PFL4907 feature Philips’ exclusive MediaConnect technology, which wirelessly connects a PC or MAC to your television, as well as wireless NetTV for instant access to video on demand sites and a host of other applications.

“In the last year, we have seen consumers pare down their cable/broadcast services and viewing more on-demand content,” said Richardson. “Simply put, consumers want full control over their entertainment. These TVs combine giving consumers an energy efficient television AND the power to watch whatever they want with features like Philips MediaConnect and NetTV. In 2011, we had great success with MediaConnect as a differentiator, and in 2012 it’s Mac compatible so now almost any consumer will have the ability to press one button and access a wealth of online and computer content on their TV, including HD video.”

Total Access – the Computer and TV as One Ultimate Entertainment Hub

Consumers no longer want to be corralled into set viewing times, but rather want the freedom to actively select the content that is relevant to their lives, be it watching a sporting event not broadcasted over the major networks, or visiting foreign websites to keep in touch with global issues that are meaningful to their lives. Philips MediaConnect technology gives control back to the consumer, allowing them to share any content on a laptop, either MAC or PC, and watch that content on the television. Keeping it simple, this is all accomplished with a simple click of the touch pad, no complicated menus and no wires to run. Philips MediaConnect delivers on consumers’ desire to wirelessly access their PC, and now Mac, content without restrictions, bringing a big screen viewing experience of content that until recently was only available via watching on a small laptop screen. Unlike IPTV sets today that are limited to widgets, apps and/or selected sites, Philips MediaConnect allows for navigating anywhere on the Internet.

Wireless NetTV gives consumers’ total access to more than 100 apps and over 15,000 movie and television programs streamed directly to the TV. Offering the most popular sites including YouTube®, Netflix®, Facebook®, VUDU®, Twitter® and Pandora®, NetTV offers fast and easy access to some of consumers’ favorite services. A newly designed remote featuring dedicated NetTV, Netflix, and VUDU buttons offers even quicker access to consumers’ favorite content. In addition, the remote can accommodate consumer programmability for assigning additional services to one button access. A completely redesigned NetTV user interface allows for customization and categorization of the services on your television based on your interests and needs.

Offering more choices, the 4907 sets feature Smart Cloud functionality for automatic and effortless access and updates to content on the TV. Stay up to date with the latest upgrades, get instant and up to date access to new features, weather and news headlines. With the addition of Tag gaming, consumers can play more than a dozen different games such as Suduko, Club 21, High Stakes Hold ‘Em, or Bejeweled 2 competing with others all around the globe by simply logging onto the network and playing the games via Smart Cloud technology.

Style For Any Room –

The 4000 series ENERGY STAR most efficient sets are offered in a 32” and a 26” making them perfect for a bedroom, the kitchen or an office. These sets offer powerful processing for impressive performance and a crystal clear picture. The 4000 series features new, sleek design with a brushed pewter bezel with soft and rounded edges, certain to add style to any room.

Hear the Difference -

Most consumers would agree, TV speakers leave much to be desired. All of the ENERGY STAR recognized sets feature SRS TruSurround HD® (4907 series) or TruSurround XT (4505 series) to ensure viewers not only see the action, but can hear every detail as well. SRS TruSurround HD creates an immersive, feature-rich surround sound experience from two speakers, complete with rich bass, high frequency detail and clear dialog.

A Simple Set-Up or Full Customization

Making the out-of-the-box experience effortless, Philips TVs offer a simply designed graphic interface menu that allows consumers to easily navigate the TV menu and add devices with ease.

Setting up an HDTV has never been easier thanks to the unique Settings Assistant feature. In a few easy steps, users can select their on-screen preferences with the left and right cursor buttons. By using a program similar to an eye test, viewers can select what they perceive as the best picture. Users choose initial preferences from the five split-screen samples, creating their ultimate personal picture quality and then the television will make the changes and store them for future use.

The Philips 2012 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Designation LED televisions will begin to be available in February, allowing consumers to make an affordable “green” change well before Earth Day on April 22.

Suggested Price and Availability:

26PFL4507       $299.99       February
26PFL4907       $349.99       April
32PFL4507       $379.99       March
32PFL4907       $429.99       April

About P&F

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ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

Results are already adding up. Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved enough energy in 2010 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 33 million cars — all while saving nearly $18 billion on their utility bills.

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Release Summary

New Philips Energy Efficient TVs recognized by ENERGY STAR with Most Efficient status. Now consumers get best in class picture and can be environmentally conscious with energy saving technology.


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