Skytree Unlocks the Advanced Analytics Power of Big Data with Unprecedented Performance, Scalability and Accuracy

Breakthrough in machine learning technology delivers speedups that are 10,000x faster than existing solutions.*

Free edition available for download.

Strata Conference 2012

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Skytree, Inc.™, an advanced analytics and machine learning company, today announced its official company launch and the immediate availability of its flagship product, Skytree Server - the industry’s first extreme speed and scale analytics processing engine for big data and the only enterprise-grade, high-performance machine learning/advanced analytics solution that supports big data requirements.

Skytree Server solves the big data problem faced by many of today’s organizations. Valuable insights are lost in a deluge of data that’s amassing at ever increasing volume, velocity and variety. Companies are struggling to keep up. Skytree Server performs a wide variety of machine learning methods on big data at fractional speeds, including:

  • Recommender systems - provide profile-based targeted recommendations (e.g., products)
  • Anomaly/outlier identification - finding unusual or ‘special case’ data records in big data sets
  • Predictive analytics - making predictions based on similar historic data
  • Clustering and market segmentation - finding natural groups within data
  • Similarity search - find the closest existing data matching a record of interest

Skytree Server can handle the intensive computational demands associated with machine learning on big data. Because of its breakthrough new algorithm and system design, its performance is up to tens of thousands of times faster than traditional solutions.*

“The era of big data has shown that just throwing hardware at the problem is no longer working,” said Martin Hack, co-founder and CEO of Skytree. “We are now seeing the beginning of the end for the traditional database and data warehouse for advanced analytics. Today’s SQL-based approach of analyzing data using handcrafted rules is essentially a human-based approach. Automatically discovering the rich and subtle patterns in data, letting the data speak for itself, is going to be a game changer going forward.”

In conjunction with its launch, the company is announcing Series-A funding from Javelin Venture Partners. Skytree co-founders, Martin Hack, CEO, and Alexander Gray, CTO, along with Noah Doyle, managing director at Javelin, and David Toth, former CEO of NetRatings, make up the Skytree board of directors. The company has also gathered some of the best-recognized leaders in computer science and applied mathematics for its advisory board: Prof. Michael Jordan, Prof. David Patterson, Prof. James Demmel, and Prof. Pat Hanrahan, each a Member of the National Academy of Sciences and/or Engineering.

Skytree began commercial development in 2009. Co-founders Hack and Gray have over four decades of high-tech, startup and state-of-the-art scalable machine learning experience. Hack is the former head for the world’s most secure operating system, Trusted Solaris, at Sun Microsystems. Gray is a professor at Georgia Tech, and heads the FASTlab, the premier academic lab for scalable machine learning. He is a national authority on the topic, serving on the National Academy of Science Committee on the Analysis of Massive Data.

“The era of big data has arrived and a quantum leap in processing performance is needed to address it,” said Noah Doyle, managing partner of Javelin. “No one brings stronger credentials to this problem than Martin and Alex, who are seasoned technologists and have deep insight on how to make advanced analytics business applicable. They’ve built Skytree to deliver actionable insight at fractional speeds from big data sets, which is extremely valuable.” Doyle continued, “In addition to their own expertise, they have assembled an all-star team of technology and machine learning visionaries. With this talent and their strong vision, we expect Skytree to have a major impact on the big data space.”

The company will be demonstrating the product for the first time at the O’Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., from February 29th-March 1st. Co-founder and CTO Alexander Gray will be presenting at Strata on March 1st.

Skytree Server “free edition,” is available via download on the Skytree website. The Enterprise version is available for 64-Bit Linux™ and runs on standard x86 hardware. Pricing starts at $2,999.

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About Skytree

Skytree is a big data analytics company that enables organizations to perform machine learning and other advanced analytics methods on massive amounts of data. The unique Skytree analytics engine delivers unsurpassed performance over existing solutions. It is easy to deploy and can provide close to real-time response rates. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and the team has over four decades of technology and state-of-the-art scalable machine learning experience, providing guidance to some of the worlds most demanding and data intensive environments such as the Large Hadron Collider, NASA and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.


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Lauren Dresnick, 650-343-2735

Release Summary

Skytree announces its official company launch and the immediate availability of its flagship product, Skytree Server


New Venture Communications
Lauren Dresnick, 650-343-2735